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  1. It's really good news they're expanding this from being a simple mini project at any rate.
  2. Congrats! Hope this game turns out amazing and helps the adventure genre.
  3. Yeah I'd prefer hand painted (with whatever works for the artists) backgrounds touched up on computers. That might be pricey though I have no clue, but damn is it pretty.
  4. It's amazing to see the money rise. Hope they have big grins on their faces at DF... even Grumpy Gamer.
  5. Why the heck would he try to "take over" someone's game? Notch haters are so irrational it gets old. If it so hard to imagine if you had gotten rich you might support Psychonauts 2?
  6. Notch rules. He's the creator of Minecraft and offering to pony up the money for Double Fine to make Psychonauts 2, if you didn't get all that. A totally awesome deed by a legend. Double Fine ... time for you to make a sequel.
  7. Thank you for fixing the hover ball light bug!
  8. Yep, the lighting glitch when you double jump is pretty massive. Please fix it.
  9. ^^^ Plus I really hope some new major game is announced as well into production. I mean most people bought the 5 hour games for $15 stuff expecting it to lead to Double Fine doing another "real" game and if it didn't that kind of sucks.
  10. Double Fine is kinda cursed as far as sequels to anything go I guess.
  11. But I'm not litigious at all. I can provide a doctor's note to prove it.
  12. I love CC but being able to beat it in a couple hours and having literally nothing left to do makes me depressed after the ride is over each time. Here's some ideas, free of charge, unlike the expensive ideas sold at the idea store: Challenge Mode - You can choose it from the start, instead of normal mode. - Give most monster groups a healer that has high HP. Give him more spells, like group DOT cure, and group shield. - Make times to pull off a successful dodge or hit way shorter. - Give various bonus skills to monsters. Ones for stun (target loses their next turn), debuff (target loses their battle stamp power next turn), and power down (target loses half their special skill power up energy) - If any party member dies, they lose the battle stamp they were using. They can be found to repurchase at a stamp seller. If this were a title update or with new DLC, I'd love it. Or anything to make the experience a little different for the elder gamers among us.
  13. tarotpuppy


    Actually I've promoted the game to people in a lot of other forums. Don't jump to conclusions... we're just curious about whether DF can take it to the next level or what. Also nobody's obligated to not complain, hate to break the whole free speech and exchange of ideas thing to you as a shock... but I like to live that way.
  14. It's a cop out though to only aim it at kids, and not really pay attention to the rest of us wanting another difficulty option at all (especially considering who buys Double Fine games, was it little kids buying Brutal Legend? Yikes.)
  15. tarotpuppy


    I like it quite a bit, honestly. I don't like the one size fits all difficulty level though... there's no real way to play the game as more balanced towards an experienced gamer, so once you get down the basics you will destroy this game. I also wish you could swap costumes in combat and some monsters required certain costumes to be defeated.Then you aren't able to just use the early costumes everywhere, which I found myself doing a lot.
  16. For the small amount of content for $15, I'd appreciate at least a free update like a fighting arena where you keep going until you drop or something. Maybe I'd buy DLC after that, but I already feel it was on the pricey side and I did it to support a company who's innovation I admire. I don't want to feel like a worshipper though, I'd like some more gameplay hours back for the money, heh heh.
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