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  1. yeah grits (great username btw) I am just throwing in my 2 cents because too often in VG discussion I think people with legit criticism get shouted down or drowned out. I'm not sure why that is but I think it's possible to really enjoy a game but be critical of its weaknesses/limitations and there always seem to be way more people who can't understand that. For example I often see statements like this: Which IMO is not the case at all. Then it's followed by this: Which doesn't even address the 2 main issues people are having with the game. I also love the gameplay, the humor, and the visuals. This thread is about the BROKEN SAVE SYSTEM. That plus all the appeals to nostalgia and cries of "oh kids these days just don't understand how good they have it" just seem to be missing the point.
  2. I have an issue with the save system as well. I grew up playing those brutal games mentioned above (still haven't finished Ninja Gaiden either) but in my opinion the lack of an auto save upon exit is a poor design decision. In the case of Costume Quest my son actually lost progress tonight because I thought it had saved when we finished trick or treating in the first area. (That counts as a quest, right?) When we reloaded the game after dinner we had to go back and trick or treat a few more houses to get the gate open again. Games are meant to be fun, not a hassle. There may be legit reasons for a game designer to limit/restrict saves but thus far I have yet to see one. I also have an issue with the speech bubbles being too hard to read on my HDTV and moving too fast. I was sort of letdown by the lack of voiceover but at the same time excited that my son would get to practice reading. They are moving way too fast for him. In fact, some of the bubbles are moving too fast for me to finish reading aloud to him. That may be for another thread, though. That said we love what we have played so far. I can't wait to find more costumes although he has asked me not to play past the point where he is...
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