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  1. Humm.. Where to start (is anybody actually reading any of this?).. My name is Enon Sci, I'm a 29 year old physicist based in Portland, Oregon. My hobbies include finishing school (can you believe it, they won't let me rewrite the laws of gravitational cosmology without a Ph.D!), life and cooking (french culinary technique, Top Chef all the way). I sit around in cafes and drink espresso. I often think about shaving my dreadlocks and getting a neater look. I have a pet girlfriend that lives in my bed and I often find the time to play games. Ironically, I get more excited over social board games (Ameritrash like Runebound and Arkham Horror, or Euro-elegance like Puerto Rico and Caylus). I love video games, but most aren't very good anymore. I never played a Lucas Arts adventure title, having grown up sucking the teet of Sierra instead. However, I played Psychonauts and was sold. It made me want to quit doing physics and come work for Tim. F A N T A S T I C title. Pretty much sums me up.
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