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  1. Yeah there is some issue with the game, it's not available in Europe to buy digitally. Prince of Persia SoT also has a license problem, you can only buy it from Xbox 360 marketplace website but it is available unlike Psychonauts which seems North America only. The problem is although Microsoft now has an impressive emulator for the original Xbox & Xbox 360, the X360 marketplace is still separate from the Xbox One marketplace, they aren't actually integrated, when you buy an Xbox OG or Xbox 360 game it's actually opening up a web browser window of sorts to the X360 marketplace, it's not as seamless as the native UI when buying X1 games. That begs the question then why cant you buy it, well licensing issues to sort out which means lawyers and contracts.
  2. I've noticed that Headlander is now on the Win 10 store, but it's a standalone game it doesn't have any of the Xbox Anywhere features (cross buy/save). I'm guessing it's not something your probably going to add but if you do it would be a much nicer incentive to buy (FYI I already own Xbox One version), Adult Swim probably has a say in the matter too so maybe the buck stops with them. If perchance you put any of your older games on windows store which have existing Xbox One versions making them Xbox Anywhere titles would be awesome, same goes for any future titles. Thanks.
  3. Outside of these forums Double Fine's reputation is "not good" to put it mildly. Whether you accept it or not a negative narrative has built up around DF and it's output, it is repeated many times DF's name pops up in conversation, same way people constantly rail against EA, CoD Peter Molyneux etc. Small devs with bad reps do not survive making indie games or surviving on the good will of "gamers". What DF can do to counter this is tricky with no doubt that DF has it's own financial pressures, great games of course will typically silence critics but thats no small feat. Open sourcing some of your older games (even just one or two) would go down very well but this makes money/legal people nervous. One money maker is the match three games based off the original puzzle quest formula. Cheap to make compared to others, some good writing & art like the original PQ game or be smart and try and license it with another IP like Fallout, Mass Effect or whatever. Stop trying to be indie darling all the time, it's not working out any more, make money and get better qa done your titles.
  4. Finally got it, there is to me at least one broken symbol in the puzzle, the one that looks like a cylindrical cage with two squiggly lines through it, no matter what I picked it was the wrong the choice and nothing described it well in the choices, eventually I managed to get the instructions free from this one and was able to complete it.
  5. I'm also being driven mad by this, it doesn't make any sense and the choices are randomized each time even if you exit and try to load a save to solve it via process of elimination. Are we missing something ?
  6. Thanks for these, very interesting. Would be great to see if you could get John Romero back for Quake and/or Daikatana.
  7. Pretty much my feelings too on the matter. If you ever get the opportunity to do this again do not offer beta or early access as Kickstarter rewards. State everyone will get the game the same day it unlocks on Steam for those who buy it no if's or but's and stick to that line no matter how much complaining is done in the comments. If you want to do a public beta then only offer it to a random selection of backers (not determined by donation level) and make them sign NDA's to weed out wannabe game journo's. Even major game sites are staring to offer "reviews" of early access games so there is just no point in repeating the same trap that Broken Age fell into with it's confusing launch. P.S. If you do happen to do another Kickstarter adventure game my suggestions would be content over quality (lower your production values, less animation, lower res art etc) and something a little more serious in tone ala Full Throttle or The Dig that feels a different to BA. Try and keep it as small budget as possible and don't go into KS asking for 1 mill. Keep up the great work Tim and all of Doublefine.
  8. 2D with a decent artists will always look much better than low budget 3D. Sometimes a hybrid with the main character rendered in 3D but static backgrounds like Grim Fandango did or the secret files tunguska also works. Good quality 3D costs money, lots of money it's as simple as that. That's also money that could have been spent elsewhere on the game itself adding more content. If you have an exceptional art team then sometimes you can pull off 3D well on a small budget but you don't always get to do that as it happens Double Fine do have exceptional artists so maybe they could pull it off but 2D is the safer bet.
  9. I think Notch said he would throw 5 million Double Fine's way that is not enough to fully fund a AAA game title, as Tim mentioned you'd be looking at a ballpark of 20 million to do something equivalent to the original Psychonauts. The Kickstarter stuff has been amazing but my inner cynic says no way would they ever reach 20 million, if they do really, really well and get like 10 million then maybe Notch and some other publisher would be willing to foot the remainder of the bill.
  10. I am genuinely curious to see what Double Fine could bring to the FPS market through XBLA/PSN, as it's an insanely competitive arena & something has to be quite unique to stand out from the shadows of the AAA behemoths. I think Double Fine's biggest strength is in making something that looks charming and can draw players in however something visually different but easy to make is quite a challenge even more so within the constraints of XBLA/PSN budgets. On a side note I'd love to see something sci-fi from Double Fine, I was very impressed with the art direction on Oban Star Racers a French/Japanese co-production, thats a style Double Fine I think could adapt to a sci-fi game. Anyway not many game developers get to do different genre games even more so if they wander into AAA territory so Double Fine is pretty lucky in this regard.
  11. An actual sequel called Christmas Quest isn't a bad idea... Make a franchise DoubleFine : )
  12. Please spoil it as I've gone back through it looking and cant find it. I have the white roll of paper and the pink ball of twine already. Edit: Update found it, that coffin I thought was just part of the scenery, went through the broken guard rail and got it.
  13. I'm near the end of the game and have all the costumes bar the Unicorn one which is missing two pieces, have I missed something or this a bug ? I completed everything I could find in the Autumn Haven mall so I'm not sure how I missed these. Thanks.
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