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  1. Thanks for the answer, I will take your word for it. As an Xbox 360 owner, I definitely don't hope that this is true. On another note -- and I'm sure you can't comment on it -- I am quite happy to hear that there (may be) a Costume Quest 2!
  2. Yep, they were listing the PS3 games that are going to be released next year and they mention it, and made reference that it was a PS3 exlcusive. They were naming off a lot of games so they may have been referring to a different game, but it was hard to differentiate. Just listened to it again, they definitely mentioned that Costume Quest 2 would be out in October as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. [while listing months and what games would come out] Colin: October...uh Greg: Costume Quest 2 Colin: Yup Greg: A PS3 exclusive this time At about 43 minutes in, if you're curious to hear it with your own ears.
  3. While listening to the new episode of IGN's Podcast Beyond, it sounded like Greg Miller said that Costume Quest 2 will be a PlayStation exclusive. Is this true!?!?!?
  4. Works for me, I was going to buy it anyways. I imagine it would suck for someone who wasn't planning to buy DLC for a game but had 100
  5. This may be a stupid question, but I noticed something weird on my profile. I was just on Xbox.com taking a look at my achievements and saw that my Costume Quest had an extra 50 points possible...but I haven't downloaded the DLC (don't worry, I definitely will!). Did I miss something?
  6. Welp, that sucks, but not too crazy. I just wanted to show off the game...and check the achievements, which I could probably find somewhere else. Thanks!
  7. It's not a huge deal, but it is really weird. I've put maybe an hour into Costume Quest, nabbed at least 1 achievement, but the game isn't showing up on my XBL profile, even when I look at xbox.com it isn't there. Anyone else experiencing this? GT: Mr Lingo Starr
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