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  1. Did you try behind the cart on the right side of the mall on the first floor? That's where I found my last kid.
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    @kgoodies Could you do something else besides complain about what others say? And for the record, I'm not complaining as expressing a concern really. @grits That's why, say like, an expansion pack or something along those lines could help. One can dream ya know?
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    Doesn't matter. $14.99 is still a lot for a short game like this.
  4. Now posted on "combat" topic, the kid's mode part that is.
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    There already are. Stun Poison Fire Yeah. ________________________ On a different note: Maybe having a Kid mode(with the simple combat already in place for younger ones), and a Normal mode(for the older group) could do? (copy pasted from another topic, lol)
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    Very true.well, maybe except for Big Bones. Man is he a pain, mainly when he powers up. Helpful hint: take ress stamps and use the unicorn(with said stamp on one with it equipped).
  7. But do many people like it much? From what I've read, not really. I'd consider it more of an extension than a sequel. As for the variation part, it's possible, just need to think on how to pull it off, that's all. As stated above, not too many people like the overly simple combat, at least of the older group. Maybe having a Kid mode(with the simple combat already in place for younger ones), and a Normal mode(for the older group) could do?
  8. I'll just list them here: (-- indicates idea itself, - indicates a feature explanation) ______________________________________________ -- A revamped combat system -Use of the control pad to select commands like: Attack(for basic attacks) Skill(for skills, which should include at least 2 additional ones for each costume) Item(Yes, items) - A little more variety to basic attack commands - More difference in stats for each costume ___________________________________________________ -- A second story - Pretty much, after beating the game once, you get the ability to go into a part 2, which involves an extended ending in part 1 which,after the whole candy sequence at the very end, fast fowards to one year later. This time, Big Bones starts kidnapping kids and sends a demand to the hero kids that they either give up their souls to him or he'll take the souls from the kidnapped kids instead. Hoping to maybe get another bargaining chip, they search for the necessary amount of candy to maybe change his mind. And their will be 4 endings, 1 for if you make it but don't have enough candy, and lose to big bones, 1 for if you make it with enough candy, but lose, 1 for if you don't get enough candy but win, and 1 if you get enough candy and win. -You start in the same first town as part one but after that move on to the portal you see at the end of part 1 and go through at least 2 more areas from there. - There will also be a level cap increase; to 20 or maybe even 30 at least. - New game features like an entirely new set of cards, which will support a card battle system(still need to think of this), an online multi player battle arena, and equips, which are separate from stamps and go with specific costumes, which boost stats and sometimes give abilities like setting an enemy on fire. _______________________________________________________ The first one should be an update, the second one really does belong in DLC though, which I don't mind. This game has potential and I want to see it succeed, hence this thread. If anything else comes up, I'll add to this.
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