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  1. I would also like to be able to remap the controls, I can't stand that basically all the controls are mapped to the left of the keyboard. Why not spread it out and let me use two hands comfortably?? It's really impaired my experience of this game.
  2. Finally! Confirmation of the "Pay microtransactions to make love with naked mole ladies in outer space" .... on Kinect!!!! I can't wait to try co-op.
  3. So the last few times a game was released from Double Fine, we got info on the next release pretty quickly after that. We know about Once Upon a Monster, which looks great for those of us with kids, but when do you think we'll hear about the next DF game? I know lots of us are hoping for sequels for Costume Quest, Stacking, Trenched, but wasn't there a new game being developed with Ron Gilbert? I am looking forward to seeing what these imaginative peeps come up with next! And Costume Quest 2 this Halloween.
  4. This is a good question, I am keen for some couch action with my boyfriend. Oh that just sounded wrong.
  5. I've just finished Hobo King, it was great! Such a good quality production, although like many reviews, I felt it was a bit too short for me. I would rather pay full price for a 3 x level expansion like the original, but I guess the appeal of the DLC is the ability to develop and release it in bite sized chunks. But anyways, I loved it! I'd love to see some separate episodes based in a completely different part of the 'Stacking' world! Now I can just hope for more Costume Quest DLC!
  6. I'd have to agree a Day of the Dead one would be awesome given Grim Fandango History.
  7. So Tash, is the next DLC gonna be easter???
  8. That's the great thing about sesame street, it's written on two levels. There's humour for the kids but humour for the adults as well. I think this is a great pairing, the humour of doublefine and the humour of sesame street really match. Good luck guys! I hope this sells really well!
  9. Thanks for the great game Tim and Lee and Doublefine! Also, can you please get started on the next DLC : "Journey to the Centre of the Schnitzel Museum" as soon as possible.
  10. Also out on XBLA in Australia.
  11. I keep checking on PSN in Australia, no Stacking up yet. I'm just gonna get it on xbox tomorrow by the looks of things.
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