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  1. Just wanted to voice my thanks to the team and the Brians for a great teamstream. It was very interesting to get a glimpse of their methods and hear their thoughts on their music. Music (and sound) is one of those aspects of game development that doesn't get covered very much, so I found this very informative and fun. Unfortunately I rarely find the time to watch the teamstreams, but I'm very happy I managed to watch this one. Thanks a lot for all your great, hard work!
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    A couple of games a bit tangentially related to Dear Leader that I've been thinking of recently are Balance of Power and King of Dragon Pass. Both games place you as a leader (nation and tribe respectively) of men, with various advisers suggesting various courses of action for any decisions. Both games are stats heavy and more clearly adversarial than Dear Leader is likely to be, but I do think both games, especially King of Dragon Pass are worth a look when it comes to their mechanics. King of Dragon Pass: ds3X9NRF4r8 Balance of Power: 2xB2txHocy4
  3. I tried to check the forums for threads on the opening, didn't find any. Sorry if this a duplicate thread. I really loved the old Vella opening. Where you hear Rocky (not 100% sure on the name, the little sister) calling out to Vella, but you do not see her. I really loved that moment. Perhaps my favourite moment of the whole experience. You know time's up, and you should already be up. But you're stealing a tiny little moment further, pretending for short while still that it isn't so. That you don't have to get up. That all the things out there can wait. By making a silly little lie you inevitably remind yourself why you also will, in just a second or two, get up. And face the cupcakes. Having Rocky be in the same starting frame the moment gets a bit lost. I hope it's still there, and I'm just biased, unable to experience the scene again for the first time. But it feels very different to me. I think I get why you did it. Better player direction, clear immediate focus. I'm just a bit sad that you felt that was needed. I wish you would and could change it back :-) Further general thoughts: I quite liked the game. I loved the story thus far. It has a good Empire Strikes Back ending. It does very much feel like half a story, and I do kind of wish I could have waited until the release of the second part. Fear of spoilers and such. I do understand the complaints people have with regards to difficulty, but I don't care that much myself. It keeps the story flowing and I think the general pacing benefits from it.
  4. This is bound to cause endless confusion, but there are now two tiers for $100. As I understand it, one is digital only, the other contains the boxed game. So, if you want the boxed game, choose the boxed game tier and add $15 for international shipping. And if you live in the US, there's no reason not to choose the boxed $100 tier.
  5. I'd really like to visit the Pacific trash vortex. It is at the same time absolutely incredible and pretty darn depressing. What a world, eh.
  6. I am in favour of offering pre-orders. Double Fine may do as they please, as far as I'm concerned. The reason I backed DFA was to allow DF to make the best game possible. I see no reason why the timing should be limited, if DF can and wants to offer pre-orders.
  7. I don't think there's a need to keep the information on these forums super private. I honestly don't really see a reason for it. Keeping it open would make it easier for backers to discuss the game with outsiders, without having to worry about breaking secrecy accidentally. If someone wants to do something silly with the information on these forums, I don't think there's an effective way to stop them.
  8. Sweet, sweet apricot cheeks of goodness, I love the comics interface. The whole site update gets a wholehearted hug from me.
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