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    Formerly a human ninja, Billy Magnum is a hellspawned revenant, inexorably seeking vengeance against those responsible for the destruction of his clan and the death of his family. Although essentially neutral in allegiance, Billzy will ally with anyone who can assist his plans of revenge. He was once manipulated by Quan Chi, who he promised him his life in exchange for his impressive combat abilities in order to defeat Sub-Zero.
  1. win 7 64bit firefox. doesnt seem to look as hd as the previous DF updates. a bit unsharp, not crisp. maybe its the source material???
  2. me too. it was on sale on steam for $6.79. i couldn't say no. its a blast making chambers but i hope they add more to it eventually...
  3. lumber jack hipster eh? im guessing the soundtrack will be completely dubstep too. :-S id like to see some other styles personally. this just doesnt excite me. but hey im nt telling anyone how to make the game so ill trust in double fine.
  4. no new TT Monkey Island games? thats a good move in my opinion... how exactly would DF benefit from owning it though? i dont get the point. i say DF should focus on the future right now.
  5. i just pray there's no Sudoku puzzles or ill be screwed... ...will DF have a game hint hotline??? $4.95 per minute style??
  6. I've wondered the same thing. In the couple of days this forum has been live, I've seen some ridiculous suggestions and ideas tossed around. I feel like there should be open discussion, but I find it laughable that people are suggesting one thing after another as though they're owed it. that quote should be attributed to "billymagnum" =) but i agree with the sentiment ... as backers, its logical that we can "guide" the general direction/process .... but we should definitely NOT be allowed to nitpick and fine tune it to death! in fact, the best part about being backers is ability to beta test and weed out all the bugs so that the final product is super awesome!!!! and we can be proud to be a part of it =D feel the love! tehehe thanks for the quote cred noelho im happy to see theres some like-minded people here who get what i mean! :lol:
  7. yeah exactly. i donated after i read this: i wonder if some people thought they were buying a position in the DF dev team. as much as i might enjoy what backers ideas are, please, leave the game to DF. i feel like some people feel entitled to have the game made as per their ideas and DF should just make whatever backers want, but i just want DF to make a game with as little outside influence as possible. i didnt become a DF fan because theyve always had such great backers, i became a fan because they just.....were.
  8. ironic or not, i agree with everything before the velvet pants. then it just got weird. i donated to have a game created from their own ideas and abilities not from the minds of a bunch of no good down and dirty backers haha
  9. i have a fat 360 ive never had overheating problems vertical or otherwise. and psychonauts would be pretty low on my list of games that might over heat it. i still think the problem is how the hardware itself renders or emulates the older games.
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