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  1. For this year's Valentine's Day gift, my significant other backed Double Fine Adventure in my name. The gift of a gift of money to DF, with promise of the gift of a copy of a sure-to-be-wondrous game sometime later in the year: a true expression of love all round. Congratulations Double Fine; you guys and gals fully deserve this level of fandom. -Finch
  2. I would like to play online multiplayer Brutal Legend. I recently, finally, got Xbox Live Gold and at the moment the only game I play using it is Denki's awesome Quarrel. But I like BL very much and would like to try it out. The problem I have is this: my skill at the RTS aspects of BL are equivalent to that of a pot-bellied pig on a bicycle. Suffice to say, "godawful" is too generous. But perhaps I will one day brave the online multiplayer wonderment of BL anyway. In the meantime, I hope you succeed in encouraging others to join you in this most worthy of social pasttimes. -Finch
  3. I would really like a 4-piece Stacking-themed ensemble outfit, including a (leather?) jacket, with a hoodie to wear under that, a t-shirt to wear under that, and a singlet to wear under that. Each piece would have a different character featured, and the outfit would, obviously, "stack", like so many cloth Russian dolls. Another option I thought of would be to have a female specific version of the outfit with the singlet replaced by a Stacking bra. The drawback of this is that few people would ever see the awesome Stacking bra, unless the wearer has the habit of going around in public with just a bra on, which isn't something I would encourage. -Finch
  4. Is anyone else kicking themselves for being an American ex-pat right now? -Finch
  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down there, little fella/lassie*. Obscenities are unnecessary. I certainly wasn't attempting to antagonize you. I think you misunderstood my post. It wasn't my intention to use "elite" in a negative sense, I was simply referring to the reconizably veteran group of forum posters here on DFAF. Just relax, perhaps play some Stacking or Costume Quest (both good to ease a troubled mind), and try not to worry about anything for a bit. Sincerely, -Finch *not making any gender assumptions
  6. I know I'm a newcomer to these forums (despite having been a zealous DF fan and frequent visitor to the site since Psychonauts's original Xbox release), and I don't intend to attempt to insinuate myself into the clearly established enclave of the forum elite, but I must say, Warrior seems to be a rather easily upset young person, and yet some people seem to actually enjoy winding him/her up, which I'm unsure is good for such an apparently gentle-souled youth. Just an observation. -Finch
  7. Don't worry just yet. Our avian domination is still in alpha stage. We've been trying to recruit the pelicans, but their society is so bureaucratic, the whole process is caught up in red tape. The sparrows, meanwhile, are dithering over "union issues". The cormorants are up for joining with us, but of course they have that long standing feud with the ospreys. The pigeons could be a real boon, simply thanks to their sheer numbers, but there are real questions about including such dull-witted compatriots within our ranks. The magpies are as sneaky as ever, and are demanding full control over Canada once the New Avian Order is established (the geese are understandably objectionable to this). The ostriches refuse to join until the emus are also signed up, and you know how emus are. I personally suspect that the larks, shrikes, and wagtails have already begun their own behind-the-scenes dealings, and I fear that they might launch an unauthorized attack before the official go is given from high command. The eagles are probably a safe bet if we proceed during the summertime; they get awfully bored at that time of year and would probably join the fight just for something to do. It goes without saying, please don't tell anyone that I have revealed these classified details of the recruitment phase. Cheers. -Finch
  8. I really like waterfowl, including ducks. There is something really endearing about them. If you like ducks too, I recommend a visit to the lovely little town of Bakewell in Derbyshire (England). There are a variety of waterfowl on the River Wye and it is relaxing to just sit on the edge of the river and watch them. Cheers. -Finch
  9. Scarecrow: Thanks for the warning about outfits in ME2; it will ensure I don't go into the game with too high expectations in that regard, only to be disappointed, which could leave enough of a bad taste in my mouth that it would jeopardize my enjoyment of the rest of the game. Always good to know what you're getting into. I guess I am just finding illogical sexist character clothing really tiring at the moment. -Finch
  10. Stacking is wonderful, I love the style and it is flawlessly fun throughought (not surprising though, with it being a Double Fine game). Thanks to everyone who made it so great. I thought this would probably be the right thread to mention the Stacking review in the current issue (number 107) of Games TM, one of the main multi-format games magazines in the UK. It's a glowing review, culminating with a score of 9 out of 10, though not before calling the game "a carefully-oiled engine of pure pleasure in which nary a second...is spent without experiencing some form of enjoyment" as well as "a near-perfect blend of design and gameplay". More or less the review's only criticism is that they wanted more of the game, but I think we all feel that way, and, as criticisms go, to say that is as much of a compliment as a critique. Games TM finishes the review by saying that Stacking is "way up there with the best download has to offer" and although that might initially seem like too little praise, as it is surely actually up there with the best gaming as a whole has to offer, considering how many thousands of downloadable games there are in existence, to say Stacking is one of the best is actually quite a reverent comment. The main reason I have mentioned all this is because I didn't know how familiar Double Fine staff is with the British gaming press, and I thought some of the company might not be aware of this review. I hope this serves as further proof, if any were needed, that your game was a great success and is beloved around the world. Cheers. -Finch
  11. I am playing Mass Effect. I am enjoying it for the most part, though its pretence of non-linearity and choice so far seems to be merely an illusion, as progress is generally made in only one or two ways. I was expecting it to be more like Deus Ex in this regard. But, the combat is satisfying and the characters are mostly appealing. Also, hooray for a general lack of unrealistically revealing outfits on my female companions. I am looking forward to playing the sequel, as it is meant to be a superior game (Tasha even put it forward in the first DF Action Cast as one of her games of 2010). Cheers. -Finch
  12. And here I thought only the cake was a lie. But apparently the pie is a lie too. At least tell me the brownies are for real.... -Finch
  13. Sorry, this is off-topic for this thread, but the Scott Pilgrim books are excellent so I do recommend you read them, although I spent most of book 6 utterly confused as to what the heck was going on. On topic: Hi, I'm Finch. -Finch
  14. I am thoroughly interested in playing the sequel. I'm not saying I'm going to buy it on release day, but I definitely want to get it at some point. When the original came out, I wasn't much of a PC gamer, and I missed it. I really want to play it, but I don't know how/where I would obtain a copy (I hate eBay and am very reluctant to purchase anything there). I was hoping Steam or something would offer a download, but no such luck. Anywhere else I might get a download of this game, legitimately only please, I am happy to pay a bit. Cheers -Finch
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