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  1. An animated movie would be awesome! That is the stuff that happiness is made of.
  2. I used to really want to be a tester when I was growing up. Other kids dreamed of being astronauts, porn-stars, or G.I.-Joe--all I wanted to do was test games. I'm not sure what happened between then and now, but I've lost that lust for hunting bugs and breaking games--I think it might have been art that finally pushed me in a different direction... Anyway, as others have said, it is a really good way to break into the industry. Some people enjoy it so much that they stay in Q&A;. I wouldn't want to be a tester now, but I would jump at the chance to do it, if only to help get into an art department at a game studio. Just grab your passion and run with it. Congratulations!
  3. I am aspiring to work in the game industry. I'm an art major and hope to one day find myself behind a large desk, preferably purple, pushing a pencil and making 'purdy' lines for some of the early, or late, stages of game development. It took me a little while to get into school as I spent most of days, post highschool, sleeping. When I discovered that sleep doesn't pay that great I got back in my art game and began applying myself. I'm working on a portfolio that I one day plan on sending to Double Fine, and anyone with eyes.
  4. MY name is Chris. I am 27 years old and I am the keeper of the submarine keys. I live in the middle of nowhere United States. I am an art student and I work graveyard shift at a local Days Inn; which affords me plenty of time to play on the internet. I like Scotch, board games, Thursdays, and anything that can explode. My favorite bands are: Deadboy and the Elephantmen The Lillingtons Gorillaz I have a passion for movies and anything that makes me laugh, which are often pretty bizarre things. As you may have guessed, I am here because I like games. I currently own a Wii, a DS Lite, and a XBox 360, (GamerTag: Forty Watt Hero). The best games of all time are: Psychonauts MarioKart 64 I tend to spend most of my free time drawing and doing homework, if I am really lucky I am doing both at the same time.
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