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  1. So, I stopped reading when I saw "Costume Contest, somethingsomething the 29th" and ran off to make my costume. I should have paid a bit closer attention. Here's a couple quick pics so I don't miss out. Anyways, the gloves didn't polish as dark a brown as I would have liked, and Raz's beard is, quite frankly, completely out of control*. Other than that, I'm pretty pleased with it. My cool props are at work, tho. I'll update as I can manage. -d My bacon, psycho portal, and...well, not-as-good-as-DreamFluff-but-still-delicious Lindor truffles. The portal itself. Looks blurry for some reason. It has a matte finish that confuses my camera. The cat wasn't too interested in having his emotional baggage dealt with. *Also, mostly stuffed in his shirt.
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