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  1. I maintain that I was correct. A new game completely unrelated to any of tim's past work.
  2. Alo. My name is Kyle. SHOCKING! I live in Chicago, IL. I'm 21. I'm a struggling playwright here in chicago, but that's not all! I also write other things! Like posts! I'm a big fan of lolcats and all things tim schaffer. I like to drink beers with friends and play connect 4 at bars. I also wear green glasses THAT IS ALL.
  3. I hope they don't make a sequel and franchise that fantastic game psychonauts. Other than Monkey Island, I like that full throtle and grim fandango don't have sequels. They were amazing, moving titles, that left you wanting more. They are 100% successes in interactive story telling and I have extremely fond memories of those games. I want NEW original properties with NEW stories. I want something BRUTAL and LEGENDARY.
  4. The new game is a CCG MMO based on a mixed world of Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. You can play as alliance - Guybrush Threepwood / Elaine or you can play as Horde - LeChuck / Manny. ANYWAYS. It's pretty fucking cool but they couldn't allow the same rights that lucas arts had so the names will be changed and the art will be changed and the gameplay wont be a ccg mmo and it'll be no way related to any past tim schaffer work.
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