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  1. Here's a video and a few photos from our set. we also ended up playing Rainbow in the Dark a bit later, (albeit sans a bunch of costume bits) and I really really hope someone got some video of that. :3 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v68/jadeelf/5248199843_4663760ffe_z.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v68/jadeelf/5248199891_b10a5f5140_z.jpg
  2. No problem, dude. Also, thank you! In other news, it looks like my band is going on around 10:30pm (PST), barring any delays. Keep your eyes peeled for the group that looks like they're larping.
  3. Honestly though, this is sincerely super fun. If you're in the area, you should go, and if you're not doing anything Thursday, you should watch the stream. It's good times.
  4. ®evolution earl grey with lavender. If it's not available, PG tips.
  5. I completely forgot to stop by here initially, and for that I apologise. Anyway, my name is Ashley, I'm a hardcore DoubleFine fangfirl. I like avacados and gin, but not at the same time. I hate blue candy. I am pretty okay at singing and baking cakes, and my hair was blue for a while but now it is blond again because JOBS and that's why. I am pretty sure that about covers it.
  6. (All links are marked by asterisks for relevant information. If I've managed to leave anything out here, you can check the 'Event' link on the umloud.org site.) I mentioned this event before on the Costume Contest thread (pst, *over here for artsy photos of my costume, and a youtube video of the performance), but I feel like it deserves another bump here. On December 9th, at 7pm PST, the DNA Lounge in San Francisco will play host to the second annual *Ümloud! rockfest. The concept is simple- get a (fake, Rockband) band together, pick your song, and rock out. All proceeds for the event go to *Childs Play. Last year a group of friends and I formed a Brütal Legend tribute band, called Ironheade. I got to sing 'Electric Eye' to a group of screaming nerds, got tons of paparazzi-style photos taken (we were ALL over twitter), spent four hours having makeup applied to me, and stuffed myself into a black metallic latex dress. And I would do it all again (and in fact, I'm *going to, only Lord of the Rings style this time), because that was quite honestly the most fun I have ever had in my life. Unfortunately at this point, the ultimate band packages (for people wanting to perform) are all sold out, but you can still attend the event and have an amazing time, all while feeling good about yourself, because hey, your $10.00 ticket price helped some kids. Don't fret though- for those of you who are bit by the Rockband bug while you watch other people rock, there's a freeplay stage upstairs. A freeplay stage with Billy Joel songs. Also everything else, too. And I mean 'everything.' the whole dang catalogue. But really though. Billy Joel. BILLY FREAKIN' JOEL. You're probably staring at the page now and going 'Okay, this chick sure must like Billy Joel. But why should I care?' Well, I'll tell you why. These are songs that have not yet been released to the public. The press hasn't even seen these songs yet, guys. No one has. So you will get to play these songs, and then gloat to your friends that you got to play them before they did. And they will cry. But you, you will laugh, loud and long and hearty, because you are just that awesome. Harmonix did a similar thing last year, treating us to a preview of the upcoming 'Rubber Soul' DLC for Beatles Rockband. Truly, Harmonix knows how to party. Moving on: For the price of admission, you also get automatically entered into raffles (don't lose that ticket,), chock-full of geek goodies. There's also a silent auction, where there are sure to be some completely amazing gems you won't find anywhere but ebay and/or possibly in your locked vault in the basement. Last year they had one of those amazing *Eddie Riggs statues that were impossible to find. What will they have this year? I have no idea, but I am well beyond certain that it's gonna be an impressive spread. Also, you automatically get a piece of game swag just for walking in the door. Last year I went home with a heaping bag full of awesome goodies, including a rad new DS case, original Gameboy games, and 'industry only' production swag from Rockstar. (Man I could go on and on, but I'll stop there because this is already severely ranty.) Better than that, if you purchase your ticket online, prior to the show, you get not one but two awesome pieces of swag. (If you're wondering about the scope, think basically anything from rare retro games to Plants vs Zombies paper masks. All there for you to rifle through until you find something awesome. It ought to be not noted that the really awesome stuff goes quick, so GET THERE EARLY.) Really, there's no downside to ordering online. You get your ticket early, avoid all the crappy hassle hanging out in line before the event, and you get two awesome prizes to take home. There is zero downside to this. Seriously. For those of you unable to attend, (due to silly things like living in another state or country), there will be a live feed on http://www.justin.tv/dnalounge, so you can watch the magic as it happens, live. (Also, if you feel like being generous, there is a donation button on the umloud.org site.) Honestly, I cannot possibly talk this event up enough. Ten bucks is a small price to pay (nay, mere pittance) for the amount of fun you are certain to have hanging out with your fellow gamer geeks. I hope to see you there Thursday!
  7. Well good news for you (and anyone else that might want to see the event), the DNA Lounge has a live feed for every show on justintv. http://www.justin.tv/dnalounge The event is on the 9th of December (this week...! ), starting at 7pm PST. I'm not sure when my band is going on just yet, but keep an eye out for some Lord of the Rings-lookin' people, and you're pretty certain to catch us. Also I feel its important to point out that there is a donation button on the umloud.org site for peeps who want to help out, but can't make it. (It's not all about fake rock glory- It's also for the kids, people.)
  8. 1) I'm not gone, as such (I just lurk a lot.) 2) It was rockband, and it's happening again on December 9th at the DNA lounge in San Francisco. (For more info on this event, check out http://www.umloud.org!) My 'band,' 'It Comes In Pints' will be playing Dio. It should be awesome fun for any geek in the area that cares to show up. Also, all the proceeds go to Child's Play, which I'm sure everyone here can get behind. 3) Thanks very much for the kind comments! I actually missed out on the costume contest deadline by approximately 1-2 minutes because I took too long with my post. If it happens again, I won't wait as long or be so gosh dang perfectionist.
  9. This is my Drowned Ophelia costume from Ümloud 2009. Our group was a Brutal Legend tribute band, appropriately named 'Ironheade.' (Umloud is happening again soon guys, check it out. http://umloud.org/) This was our set. This is an Ormagoden belt buckle I made for our Eddie. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v68/jadeelf/38774229.jpg And here's a bunch of artsy photos taken at the event. The makeup alone took about 4 hours to apply. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/250/a/a/ophelia__dec__2009__umloud_2_by_jadeelf-d2y8ruf.jpg http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/250/2/f/ophelia__dec__2009__umloud_by_jadeelf-d2y8rhj.jpg http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs119.snc3/16659_350891810083_706370083_10116103_3289092_n.jpg
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