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    TUX HAS ARRIVED! He has come to cleanse the cannibals and throw down the walnut usurpers, and commands that all go forth with style.
  1. Wow, I haven't been on these forums for such a long time. Personally, I'm very happy that DF-9 brought me back. That said - maintaining the scrubbers on my space base has become my worst nightmare. Even when all my crew but the barman are tasked as technicians, they can't seem to get it together to keep the atmospheric units from catching fire. I will happy to see some upgrades that make these fragile life support units more rugged in the future. Now, my sprawling matter-kingdom crashes the game every time I try to launch it. Looking forward to the next patch at the moment, so I can drown my crew in more spacebeer.
  2. I ALMOST got there this morning, and then I replied, "We do what we must, because we can." and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The gerbil I ate for breakfast caught a fever I suppose.
  3. I enjoyed the movie as it stood without the first 15-30 minutes. Little things like weapons testing in Afghanistan, a serious lack of armor plating and gear on the humvees... I think one didn't have a .50 or M203, and had a 3 person crew... stupid, stupid, stupid. But I guess it's my fault for trying to be up to date with everything going on over-there. Normal people seem to enjoy it, so I presume some Schaefferists will hate it, or at least parts of it... Unless they bring waterpistols...
  4. Well, should we do so-- I think a poem would be nice. Thus, when the pyramid is complete, it shall look like a stanza. Perhaps. What rhymes with Klint? Lint! Dryer lint! hey, what happened to AC? He was cool. D: Who's AC? Action Shark and his teeth of justice. That guy made me think of explosions. Actually, this whole site does. Sweet! In that case, don't you mean AS? Yes. That's what I was pondering. Lest of course- you melded to seperate identities together, such as- Action Shark and Info Cow? OMG Action Cow! That's pretty intense. Yes! Finally someone figured out zee puzzle! It was a sneaky combo of Action Shark and Info Cow. (That's like combining Mr. T with Chuck Norris). Props to masquerade! *claps* You tricky bugger you. Tee-hee! I'm so silly with my mischevious ways! I'm even misciviouser. Also, Europa is cool. Really cool. *adds misciviouser to Webster's Dictionary* I want to add words too. *Adds fantabulous to Dictionary* Europians like light. ::makes the save:: And the crowd goes wild! *Cheers and applause* Thank you, thank you! *takes a bow* Hey! Don't take masq's cheers. Hey why are you guys talking about me? Don't you know its rude to gossip? Ha. I didn't break the pyramid. You certainly did not. Any attempt to break from the pyramid shall henceforth result in immediate death. We must pay tribute to the almighty-ness of Klint. So it is said and so it is done! I can hardly believe I wasn't responsible for this pyramid in the first place! I've been seriously missing out.
  5. GTA may be violent to the core, but it's also very, very funny at times. Writing, graphics, in game actions, whatever. And all the design nerds, comme moi, will hyperventilate if they pull of the living city idea. I'll buy it... eventually.
  6. Psychonauts is one of those games that defies description, and that may be just what was so difficult about marketing it successfully. Even trying to describe it contritely right now, I can only manage: The concept is something akin to the scifi flick "the cell" mixed with a disney summer-camp flick, but with a unique artstyle, and with amazingly deep character design that pushed it out of the platform genre. Which falls right on its face in retrospect. The game is an experience that doesn't seem to translate well...
  7. Bender's big score was pretty good, but I'm not sure when I'll ever get around to watching it again. Hope the other ones are A++.
  8. OOH that reminds me of the time that I broke the kitchen window, which sparked a road trip to juarez... where we broke the van window... it was shaking.
  9. The ending is what gives the game real character in my opinion, for me it was the best part.
  10. Mister Tuxedo

    The Milkman!

    That's the second biggest milkman head I've ever seen!
  11. 38)Take at least 12 hours of dance classes before becoming involved with the horror movie.
  12. is that what he said? i thought the paragraph was a recipe for jalapeno pie...
  13. what about mental retardation? you make the guy smarter by defeating his fears
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