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  1. Excellent episode. I've always been curious about the way the DF artists work, particularly Peter Chan whose name I've always seen scribbled under many of my favorite LucasArts / early DF concept drawings. Just wanted to say thanks to Peter, Scott and Bagel for allowing access to their studios - all of this stuff is really interesting. Keep up the good work, DF and 2PP!
  2. Yay! Nice looking site. Love the RSS feed.
  3. The Action Shop is one of my favorite action shops. It has pretty much very type of merchandising I could possibly want. Except this one thing: I want Psychonauts on my wall. But I don't want it quite enough yet to paint it myself. Do you guys know blik wall decals? Imagine a Lungfishopolis set. Or just Raz with some psychic waves. Or maybe a type decal of every DFAN post ever. I would buy them all and then I would buy a house with no rooms but with a lot of walls. I'm sure this could be arranged. It would sell millions. Trust me on this one.
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