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  1. Howdy I'm a former San Francisconite now living in delicious, sausagey Germany. I'm an indie game developer, meaning I never go outside and do not get paid, and nobody will ever take what I do seriously, but whoeee it's fun at least. DF completelely roxors.
  2. I love the g-man! But it is too good for filthy, loathesome second life and their 1995 graphics technology. It's SO fugly like the manila folder yellow armpit stains on my high school trig teacher's shirt.
  3. Fazouma's RF pigtails crackled slightly. She looked down on the beach and saw something shiny and purple. An arrowhead? She scrubbed her foot across the sand. An ear?! Yes, good lord it was a piece of a human sized ear, sculpted out of psi-tanium!! What on earth? Raz was coming up behind her. She turned and shot a goofy face at Raz before sprinting ahead towards Natasha with the psitanium ear in her hand. "Natasha! Wait up!"
  4. Yeah it's a sad reality of the industry. But I wouldn't be surprised if there is an expiration date-- if Majesco sits on top of it and doesn't use it for X years, the IP rights might revert to the studio. Actually I don't know what I am talking about, but with a solid character driven franchise with a unique studio identity, it would make sense.
  5. EPISODES! They work so well with storytelling, imagine a new psychic adventure every quarter. But DF would have to get the legal IP rights back from Majesco (who own the franchise, I think).
  6. "Daar het psychische te doen onderzoeken!" ('There are psychic mysteries to investigate!') whispered Fazouma to herself. She wadded up a ball of aluminum foil from the mess hall kitchen, and a rotisserie fork from the counter and stuffed it in her bag, and ran out after Natasha. She swiped a canoe, awkwardly paddling after Natasha's distant silhouette.
  7. Fazouma looked around.. "I don't know about you people, but I don't want to watch TV all day.. did you see that mysterious giant evil peanut looking thing from the local security video? That might need some psychic investigating.. but I'm not sure where it is.. it looked like somebody's basement.. but where would a basement be at the summer camp?"
  8. Think, in some other offshoot dimension of ours, people are playing psychonauts with D'art. Also, there is a dimension where people have face-sucking alien ovapositers.
  9. A spinny, blinking light grew bigger in the sky. And bigger, in a beeping whizzing blur, whomp! Outside, A satellite fell from the sky and plunged halfway into the ground. A little metal hatch on its side squeaked open and half a head with blue vertical pigtails emerged. Its eyes peeked at the children briefly. It said "Dit is het de zomerkamp van rots het fluisteren?" The head went back under, something rustled around in the satellite, then a small girl with vertical blue pigtails, in a molybdenum jumper climbed out of the hatch. She walked into the lodge looking around, holding a sleeping bag, wearing a back pack, and wore a compass around her neck. The needle on the compass was continuously whizzing and flailing around. "Ah! You are the childrens of psychic ability? This is the Whispery Rock ja? Ah! I am Fazouma van Troostenburg. Ah ha, you are watching the television? When there is the exciting adventure to make?" She glowed and the television turned briefly to static, then it flickered into a fuzzy image which looked like something from a security camera. Fazouma squinted at the screen. There was a long hallway, and coming towards the camera was the black silhouette of something resembling a giant walking peanut.
  10. I've heard that too. They were reappropriated for parts of The Neighborhood instead?
  11. Does the summer camp accept late arrivals? Name- Fazouma van Troostenburg de Bruyn Age- 12 Best Power- Ability to project and receive radio waves from her head, change channels on remote control TV's, make psychic telephone calls for free, drive radio controlled cars with her mind, reposition satellites. Her powers span across the a wide frequency spectrum including microwaves and X-Rays. Status- [ ]Counselor, [X] Camper, [ ] Other Appearance- She has bright blue hair in two vertical pigtails like an inverted Pippi Longstocking, from which she can transmit her psychic radio powers. Fazouma has a fabulous molybdenum pantsuit which helps her harness energy, and it glows like a vacuum tube when she is radiating energy. She is befreckled and sports tough ox-blood boots. Personality- Fazouma is a good kid, but is often misunderstood because she thinks and talks in unusual metaphors that very few other people understand. She secretly likes biting aluminum foil when other people aren't looking. She's very sensitive to radio activity, so she is always a step ahead with the latest news, music, police radio information, etc.. She speaks English, Dutch and Arabic. When she speaks English, she has a very strong accent which fluctuates between dutch and arabic. History- Fazouma's mother is an Algerian nuclear physicist who operated a cyclotron at THEPL (Tangiers High Energy Physics Laboratory). Her mother went into labor early, and Fazouma was born right there at the cyclotron, which may have given her her gift. Her father was an expat from Holland who opened the first Fruejenglazejdge ice-cream factory in the southern provinces of the Sahara. Her psychic ability first bubbled to the top when she started changing channels on the television at home. But last year, after the malfunction of several satellites orbiting earth's equator, scientists triangulated the source of interference to Fazouma. In order to rid the region of interference, to bring the satellites back online, and to explore Fazouma's psychic capabilities, she was given the opportunity to move further north of the equator to attend psychic summer camp. Thought Bubble color- Sparkly crackly blue electricity
  12. The only Easter Egg I've found in Psychonauts is a photograph hidden away behind the mountains of skyscraper island, in Lungfishopolis, which you can see if you repeatedly try to penetrate the mountain with the camera by putting Raz against the mountain side and moving the camera view back and forth til it accidentally pops through the geometry. Does anyone know of other easter eggs? (Beyond the semi-easter-egg fun of trying the different objects on the NPC's)
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