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    Been gaming for 25 years. Greatest achievement: Beating Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punchout! Being an Xbox live beta tester was also a highlight. If I were stuck on a deserted island and would only bring 5 games with me... Brutal Legend Mass Effect 1-3 Fable II Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Halo 1-3 Three titles with great 'personality' and story, Elder scrolls & halo for the 'warm n fuzzy' memories they give me when I play them every few years. Cheating by counting trilogies as one game, but this i

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  1. It happened Sept 2018 according to Major Nelson's twitter feed.
  2. Also bought it, but got the right sized shirt! I wonder where I put the zippo... I have the record but haven't tried it on a record player yet.
  3. I wonder if the audio bug has been resolved? I look forward to seeing if I can hear the conversations around the fires and at the beach party...
  4. By the fire of Ormagodden - YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! That is a fantastic way to end a Friday workday. I'm starting a new playthrough tonight.
  5. You can also just drive around, one of my favorite things to do in the game - let the music play and have some fun! Console or pc?
  6. This thought popped into my head last week. With the xbox 360 version we could save music tracks to the hard drive and then play them while playing any game. I haven't checked to see if this works on the xbox one yet. WHAT IF... instead of trying to build a large soundtrack for the game (expensive), build a smaller one with important songs and specific moments in the game, plus a few others. Have the Duece's tape deck play songs saved to the xbox one hard drive as well. Surely with today's tech that shouldn't be too difficult. The gamers can choose what titles they'd prefer to listen to in game, same music controls as with BL, only spend less money trying to build a big soundtrack. I'd still like to see at least some - maybe 40 tracks - in the game, as DF found some gems that I'd never heard of and expect they would again.
  7. I rarely go online (not that good at the online component, really), but play it through offline at least once a year. After Lemmy's passing I'm playing through it again and putting his head up on mount rockmore this time around. Now, if BL had a bitchin car racing multiplayer (use the world and the beacons like when racing against fletus) and a few car models that can be made to look unique (blind packs for wicked parts or paintjobs!), that would be exciting. An idea for BL2 maybe?
  8. If it wasn't for the soundtrack in this game, I would have never heard of a lot of these bands. I liked what I heard so now I buy their albums! Think of this as more extremely creative advertising instead of 'pay band this much to have this song in your game' (ie: ask less money) and it's more likely BL 2 can happen (lower costs) with your work being in the game. It can really pay off in the long run!
  9. It really sucked to hear that. Brutal Legend introduced me to Motorhead. When I was noticing music (as a 'yungin'), hair metal was big, so I missed him at the time. BL reintroduced me to a genre that I was really only following Metallica for at the time I put in this B#$%*in game. The Motorhead tunes really caught my ear when playing, I've picked up several of his albums and I think I'll get them all. As a metal fan (again), I really appreciated and am thankful what Tim and co. did with Brutal Legend and its soundtrack, it really opened my 'ears' to bands that I want to hear more from, and have been buying stuff for groups I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for this game. I've been watching several interviews on youtube and while it really was amazing that he made it to 70 (a lot of booze, smoking, etc over 40+ yrs), I respect his honesty and he was a nice guy, not a dick like a lot of other musicians have turned into after getting some success. FYI, his memorial will be shown on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSAXVdIj6jY at 3:30pm (mtn) on Jan 9 (Saturday)...
  10. Some people could have sound-alikes for their character. Doviculous is (spoiler), and I loved the killmaster character. Instead of bringing him back, I'd like to see an in game grave for him, like Lar's grave. Big and bad ass!
  11. MS is asking gamers to vote for the games they do the backwards compatibility on. BL is on the list so GO VOTE!
  12. That is an interesting idea, it could certainly make some money. But at the same time, it does take some $$$ to launch an mmo, something that a smaller firm like DF may find difficult or too risky. It would also be a lot harder to have a story with the same quality, as MMOs do story telling more 'casually'. I'd prefer to see a trilogy, then do an MMO. Building up a larger fan base means a stronger start for the MMO.
  13. I don't know what aGrumpyGuy is talking about - Brutal Legend is a gem in the Xbox 360's crown, and a seriously underrated title. Thanks very much Double Fine for the great work you've done, It's been a fine journey, learning more about the process on the backend and being a part of this was an excellent experience. Can't wait to get home and play this, and look forward to seeing the big box - assuming we can decide on vertical or horizontal. :coolsmile:
  14. After a lot of deliberation (I don't have the old boxes on the shelf), I voted horizontal. It's now 410 / 410. That is ridiculous! If this keeps up it may have to go to a coin toss in the livestream... Ultimately I'll be happy with either style.
  15. I agree - we still got to watch it before the rest! Make it public - streaming only, lower res. I'm still getting it on disc with the game. It's educational for those who wish to be educated. Others may refuse it so they can continue to rant, but that's their problem!
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