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  1. Halloween is fast approaching, and since there are unlikely to be any Costume Quest themed decorations for sale at the Hallmark this year, we'll have to get cracking to create some for ourselves. Taking a queue from my daughter's second grade class, I've created a shoe box diorama depicting my favorite part of CQ: CANDY FLOOD: Costume Quest diorama by Brian Kent, on Flickr My daughter also created an ominous moon upon which the visage of Big Bones can just be made out. Spooky! I challenge you to create a more fantastic looking box that used to hold shoes!
  2. The podcast was very enjoyable, thanks for making it! It sounds like you guys were sharing a mic, which hurt the audio quality, so it would be cool to have everyone get their own inputs. I don't know, though, the image of you guys huddled very close to each other around a mic is funny, so maybe stick with that (even if that is not the case). I would like to hear more conceptual talk about games, if possible, even if it's only entertaining to me, as I am a selfish jerk. Thanks, again, for the show. Also, was Grubbins On Ice meant to invoke thoughts of Christmas, or was that just a coincidence? If so, why were reindeer not included?
  3. Yeah, luring with the French Fry costume is not working for me. Any ideas on that?
  4. I hate to just say look at the title, but LOOK AT THAT TITLE. I'm talking about a Korean manufactured, 34 page, glossy covered coloring book with a bunch of our favorite characters to color, mazes, connect the dots, and even a fold-out board game centerfold with game pieces cut out from the back cover (or perhaps a cut out mask on the back). DO IT!
  5. Man, you guys are picky. What else did I expect from Double Fine fans, though. I checked in with Mr. Schafer about whether or not a three-headed monkey comprises one band member or three, and this was the end result of those discussions: http://trunc.it/cjzy7 Sorry.
  6. Hi guys and girls. I did this a while ago, but just found this whole forum dedicated to this kind of fippery. What do you think?
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