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  1. What if you made her bald - like, her head is shaved as part of the sacrifice ritual?
  2. I realize this is a bit of an out-there idea, but I'd like to see a female protagonist with alopecia. This was inspired by the recent "Disney Bald Princess" movement; it would be good to have a positive role model for women who have lost their hair due to medical reasons.
  3. Adding my support to Resonance. I got it last week, and it's stellar.
  4. A bald female protagonist. Completely hairless - no eyebrows or body hair either.
  5. DF has already made games covering a variety of genres: action platformer (Psychonauts), Action adventure/RTS (Brutal Legend), RPG (Costume Quest), puzzle (Stacking), and now they're moving into third person shooters (Trenched). I like a company that's willing to experiment with a variety of different styles, and here are some I'd like to see them tackle next. - survival horror: this would probably turn out as more of a parody than straight-up horror game thanks to the company's trademark sense of humor, but I would really like to see what happens when they handle some darker, more macabre themes. - FPS: there's a glut of generic shooters out there, we need more that show some uniqueness, cleverness, and creativity. Double Fine could fill that gap nicely. - Sandbox game: we've seen they can create a vast and beautiful world from Brutal Legend, I would like to see one with more characters you can interact with, a greater variety of missions, and nonlinear progression status.
  6. Had a lot of fun with it, though I wonder...
  7. Definitely. I would love to see a Grim Fandango/Full Throttle combo pack released for the Wii or XBLA... if LucasArts will stop acting like a bunch of... but I digress. As cool as that would be, I really want to see what new directions they'd take it. Stacking and a number of DS games like "Ghost Trick" have shown the new ways the medium is evolving, I know an old pro like Tim could really take it far.
  8. This game has clearly taken a new twist on the standard adventure game format, and I'm wondering if we'll see more examples of this from future Double Fine releases. Tim's collaboration with Ron Gilbert has me especially hopeful. Anyone else think this is a possible prospect?
  9. Double Fine and Shigesato Itoi team up to create Mother 4. And the world explodes from the sheer awesomeness of what would come.
  10. I'd like to see a game kind of like Ghost Trick. The premise is you have an assassin who's also psychic, and on each assignment he has different options of using his powers to manipulate the environment to kill his target. Timing plays a great role, and if you fail, then the organization who hired you will be on your ass. It could be kind of a spinoff of Psychonauts, say maybe the assassin is a former Psychonaut who went rogue.
  11. Thanks Tasha. I had a feeling you were a fan of Earthbound; there's a bit of that quality present in Costume Quest (which by the way I thank you very much for bringing into existence)
  12. I'm asking this out of pure curiosity, but I'd really like to know what Tim, Tasha, Lee, and the rest of the Double Fine crew consider their favorite games. The ones they love to play, the ones that inspired them to get into the gaming industry, the best they've seen from the past and currently.
  13. This is probably just my interpretation, but from what I've seen so far, the bizarre setting in Stacking and puzzle solving focus seems like a call back to Schafer's early adventure games. Anyone else getting that vibe?
  14. Oh yes, I was hoping we'd have a way to explore Repugia. This is going to be awesome.
  15. That would be an interesting premise, and if a sequel arises it's definitely something I'd like to see. Maybe completing each mini-game unlocks a secret thought hidden away that's needed to progress.
  16. I guess this is a question that someone on the DF team would have more knowledge about, but does anyone know if there were any unused mental worlds in Psychonauts that were cut due to restrictions or because they went with another choice, and if so what they were intended to be?
  17. You'd think that a publisher would be interested in getting behind a sequel given how much of a sleeper hit the first one was.
  18. Thanks for the tips, though I personally think Pokemon wouldn't be the best choice because of how repetitive it can get. Thanks for reminding me about Paper Mario, though.
  19. I know a couple of people who aren't really into turn-based RPGs, put off by complexities like excessive stats and heavy backtracking. However, it seems that CQ, with a very bare-bones style, might be a good game to initiate people wary of RPGs into the genre. Does anyone else think this is a good gateway game?
  20. Amen to that. I would love to see what other incredible ideas Tasha has.
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