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  1. Yes, that look very nice! =)
  2. Haha, that is awesome. Dare I venture that you're wearing a huge purple fluffy stuffed animal on your head in that picture?
  3. Yes, that'd be hilarious! An internet meme is borne! ^_~
  4. I should've made it a complete cosplay of course, with a nice white suit, bowtie and fake cigarette. But the mask was only meant to amuse myself and others in the queue, as a bit of flair. Still, I hope some of you might find it useful!
  5. This might be a nice one for halloween. I fashioned Manny's face out of thick paper and it came out well enough that I thought I'd put it online. It's pretty simple, but nice. You can download a high resolution photoshop file down below, print it out on whatever strap of paper or cardboard you want (or are able to) and then wear it after a good scissoring! Use a bit of thread or elastic to keep the thing on your head. Here it is: And here's me wearing it on an anime convention. The hand was hand-crafted too. It's all pretty simple, just some cardboard and fineliners and markers, but the result is nice. You might want to poke some holes in the eye sockets though. Don't be a blind bat like me -I suffered for the art of cosplay. Download a high res version here: http://www.captainaugust.com/mannycalavera_mask.psd
  6. The artbook should definitely also include the Christmas cards. Anyway you yule the tide, Double Fine is by your side!
  7. No, this is simply people taking responsibility for what they love without even being paid for it or expected to do so. The place will be better for it. Don't feel threatened.
  8. Well, it was pretty obvious that at first there'd be a huge conglomerate of people going bonkers over the fact that a Double Fine forum existed and would tumble over themselves to post here and make their claim on a bit of virtual land and try to outdo one another in being funny and 'crazy'. Now that that initial madness is over, I expect this place to become very comfortable and pleasant, like a well-tailored Italian suit, and we can engage in discussion pertaining the good things coming from the gaming industry -and a small Bay Area-based company in particular- in an erudite and plausible fashion.
  9. On halloween, Tim Curry trasitionally loses sight of his tambourine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmG80v473AI&search=tim%20curry
  10. Ah, Retrojunk is awesome. My faves from the 80s and 90s would be Transformers, Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors (I've got the French DVD boxset!) and Mighty Max. There's legions of others, of course. I'm still an animation nut. Inspector Gadget for instance. Now there's a cartoon.
  11. I'm Roderick, 24 years old, and I live in Arnhem, in the Netherlands (which is a great place to live if you don't mind lots of rain and a winter sun that never quite manages to rise above a 25% degree angle before giving up and sinking away again. Always another day tomorrow, eh sun?). This is me at the Dutch Nintendo HQ virtually beating up a colleague in Wii Boxing last fall. I just graduated from a study Animation and got my Master's degree. At the moment I strive to be a freelance artist for the coming years, doing some animations, writing and comics for money here and there, or just for fun (see also: my webcomic Captain August in my signature). I'm also a writer for various Dutch magazines: Nintendo mag [N]Gamer, multi-platform gaming mag GMR and Japanese culture and manga magazine Aniway. I really like this line of work so I'll probably continue doing it for a while. Then at a later stage I may apply for a job somewhere, though at the moment I really work best with deadline-based work and free application of my time. Ideally, it shouldn't matter to a client if I did the work butt-naked in the middle of the night, as long as I do a good and timely job. A list of favourite games would look somewhat like this: 1. Grim Fandango 2. Outcast 3. Starcraft But at the same time, I've got dozens of favourites, so this is just a quick-reference list I've had for years for exactly these situations. My two favourite books are God Emperor of Dune and Moby Dick.
  12. I'd buy Mr. Pokeylope shirts for myself and every girlfriend I will realistically get in the future. This request bears the official Charles Atlas seal of approval for rugged awesomeness despite having nothing to do whatsoever with athleticism.
  13. I'd settle for having DF's actual GAMES in store. Seriously, that must've been one of the worst distributions ever in the Netherlands, for such a huge quality title. As for the feasibility of having buttons and whatnots sold in shops, I'd say it's going to be tough and unrealistic. Then again, whole stores have been dedicated to selling only 'Diddle' merchandise for the last ten years here, so stranger things have happened.
  14. I might roll into some freelance or *gasp* regular work in the games industry, but for now I'm enjoying writing about games in a few gaming mags. That's enough for the while being, but who knows what the future holds?
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