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  1. Well, the thing is... Neutral Milk Hotel is pretty unpopular--plus they broke up like a decade ago--but those that know them know they are *worshiped* in the music world. The album with the 2HB song it is called "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" and if you just type that into google, you'll find a slew of better-than-outstanding reviews. I'm not even trying to sound biased here. I'm speaking the objective truth. Basically, Neutral Milk Hotel is to indie music as Double Fine is to indie gaming. The indie kids LOVE them, and even the big critics go as far as to give out awards like "the best game/album no one played/heard." If Neutral Milk Hotel was like... the googoo dolls or some band that just had hits and misses, then I'd keep my theory to myself. But NMH is godlike to tens of thousands of fans. Just like Double Fine, of course. Imagine me talking about how well-reviewed the relatively unknown Psychonauts is while trying to sound objective, and you'd see the same kind of struggle that I just demonstrated in the paragraph above. But onward with the discussion [Warning - My case is about to get very convincing]: I just can't imagine it being THAT level of coincidental, is the thing. This would not an arbitrary nod to a random band. This would be a nod to Neutral Milk Hotel, and, specifically, to one of the most meaningful songs ever written. (You have to look into the lore of "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" to get what I mean by that. In a nutshell: Anne Frank's diary led to frontman's mental breakdown led to brilliant songwriting led to unprecedented critical reception led to further breakdown led to no more band.) Furthermore, the song is a lullaby of sorts sung to a two-headed boy floating in a jar. Not only did 2HB originally meet the requisites for the song title ("Two-Headed Boy") but on Scott's first book he even appeared IN a JAR. Furrrrrthermore, 2HB's wearing the same style of swimsuit as the boy on the cover of the album, "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea." The jar was the only piece of the puzzle missing. And what better place to introduce it than on the cover of 2HB's first book? Here's the song, Two Headed Boy Pt. 1: Here's the album artwork: http://iconicionic.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/aeroplane.jpg Here's the Wikipedia article about Neutral Milk Hotel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutral_Milk_Hotel Here's 2HB in a jar: http://www.totallynerdcore.com/index3.htm Here's a one-headed boy being chased by a ten-bodied puppy: http://todaysbigthing.com/2008/06/27
  2. The question arises in Scott C's Action Comic 564: What is magnetism? Idk. I know it fits into a bunch of Maxwell's equations in physics, and I've even researched the "complicated-is-better!" conjectures of gauge theory... but even before square one they all just take for granted that negative charge is attracted to positive charge, like... magic. Is magic okay, and physicists just don't like to say so, as long it's just the one issue?
  3. 2HB is floating in a jar on the cover of Scott C's new Action Comics book. Is this a reference to Neutral Milk Hotel's (deeply awesome) song "Two-Headed Boy," or is it just an uncanny coincidence? Or taking it one step further: is 2HB originally based on that character? This may seem like an arbitrary association, especially to those of you who don't know/like Neutral Milk Hotel, but I hold both NMH and DF in the highest regards, so the prospect of some preexisting bond between the two is thrilling!
  4. Brutal Le--OH MY GOD YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! YESSSSSSS!!! UNNGGGGHHHH! I CAAAAN'T express how HAPPY I AM in mere MORTAL TYPESET!!! Current forecast: I am this elated. How do you all feel?
  5. Double Fine Action News is my homepage, so every time I open the internet I am forced to think about how long a wait it is to 2008.
  6. bioshock already exists. i'm sure that tim & co. are cooking up something... incredible. it will make me ashamed of being so unabashedly in love with bioshock and 2k games right now.
  7. B I O S H O C K . It's indescribable, god-given, tremendous, wondrous, inspired good. The second I beat it I started up a new game, with the tears of victory still fresh in my eyes. Oh and F.E.A.R. is great. Gears of War is pretty damn good. Most would deem it essential, and I can't disagree. Lego Star Wars II is a little too easy but I own it anyway. Crackdown is fucking amazing fun until you beat it and then there's nothing to do except kill cops--which hurts your stats. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is incredibly--if you don't need to go to school or meet new people or eat food or sleep human sleep from the time you buy it until you die. Guitar Hero II is a game that right when you buy it you'll be like "why'd I buy this?" But then give it awhile to sink in. It's like having a good friend to fall back on. Fifa 2007--if you're into a good sports time--is amazing. I don't own it, rather I own it's counterpart Pro-Evolution, but I know of its supremacy. Psychonauts, of course. Just be sure to update your X-Box so it has backwards compatibility. (Actually, I'm not positive that Psychonauts is one of the BC-able titles)
  8. I just can't agree--so long as Grim Fandango and LeChuck's Revenge still exist--that Psychonauts is the best game ever made. Ever. I can agree that it is the best platform game ever made. Even better than any Mario games.
  9. Oh the irony. Now THIS is one of the search results. I just don't think I'll ever re-find it. I've invested hours--actual transient hours--and nothing has come up. Except for that 65 minute lecture he gave awhile back (before Psychonauts) about Art and Fear of Creativity and Character Creation. That lecture is AWESOME. I actually paused it at one point, found a notebook, and began penning notes. I don't even usually do that when I'm being graded on participation! Speaking of which--Tim Schafer, sir, you need only look as far as these boards to uncover some truly intriguing/intriguingly true characters. Yeah and don't mean for that slash to be so cheesy, but it just came about when I didn't know which adjective to emphasize more.
  10. On the contrary, Pile o' Kittens. You are on the Double Fine Action Forums and as such these are the brightest, most golden online times of your youth/life. There is no room for disappointment here.
  11. Well, truth be told, I *am* the nerd from Orthodox Schaferists. That's not a big plot-twist, I know, but bear with me. There has been so much god damn speculation about this game that the one humble magazine article from which I plagiarized this information about the upcoming title has been completely lost. I can recall it in vivid detail for any of you that, like me, want to dig it back up: * It's probably only a couple years old at most. Psychonauts had been out and been successful already. * Its pages are a kind of burlap brown throughout most the article--oh, because each page is an image of a scanned-in magazine page. * The magazine looked authentic; it was professionalized, what with thoughtful layout design and little side columns that gave some back-story on Tim's career. * The article is maybe 8 pages long. * There are some cool model-style photos of Tim scattered throughout. * The theme of the article dwells mostly on creativity, on the death of the adventure genre, and only barely tickles the topic of the upcoming project. * This is about Tim Schafer. I do not lie about anything pertaining to him. This is not a rumor, this is merely a beautiful flower of information--cut away from its roots, but set in water to at least look nice for a bit before dying. I googled to exhaustion search terms like: "Tim Schafer Magazine Interview" and "Double Fine Adventure Genre" and several other random combinations of other less relevant queries that brought up only article after article after article of aforementioned jackassery. I'll keep looking, but it's hard. It's really hard. I guess what I'm trying to say is... love me. Please.
  12. We are too eager to debunk the evidences we have been handed, methinks. So here's what I've got. The Facebook group "Orthodox Schaferists" is fairly devoted to digging up info on the mystery game--they don't site their sources because, evidently, they *are* the sources. And, according to those nerds, some interview Tim gave awhile back evidenced that the Planet Earth might well be a character in the upcoming title, "in a sense". Also, the game will purportedly have themes dealing with Creation. I can see both of those rumors tying into the Jack-Black-Escapes-From-Hell theme (think creatively, like Jack Black/Tim Schafer, and you too will maybe be okay with the correlations). Especially since Tim was expected to present the game at Leipzig, but "didn't" yet still managed to (according to that one image) show the delegates The Road to Hell. *Also*, anyone who has seen any amount of Jack Black and read any amount of Tim Schafer would know that Brutal Legend is an incredibly Black/Schafer title to create. It's all about cover art, with a title like that. So that's my story.
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