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    Not much to say, really.
  1. Yes indeed. Honestly though, I hope he talks about metal songs that never made it into Brütal Legend.
  2. Thanks dude! Mr. Gonks is the best sled.
  3. I'd like to see Tim apologize for keeping me up late. Honestly I like sleeping.
  4. I live in a house with a lot of background noise. Subtitles are a must for me.
  5. I found the game super kicky hilarious.
  6. I can praise your work double cream? latte? mocha? I am here to serve!
  7. it would be nice to work in the games industry one day It is a dream of mine (a long-term goal, if you will) Though i lack any technical programming or design skills I'd probably go for a PR job or some sort of coffee-boy administrative lackey
  8. I'm Gwrrrk from canadia i'm working on getting a business degree and i'm attempting to be the first robot-brained human in history I am also an able baker and am fueled by caffiene I will feel sorrow when the robot wraiths swarm over you humans like locusts in a corn field sorry
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