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  1. It's also one of my PN theories that Milla may have imagined Psychonauts! Thankx! And yes! AUs give me the opportunity to get creative! Although some of my AUs make no sense whatsoever. *CoughMusicnauts**CoughLil'Z*
  2. Shameless self-advertising but it's still PN related C: Did you guys know I really love creating Psychonauts AUs? I've got three of them already. One in which Milla had imagined the whole PN ordeal while she was in the Asylum after her orphanage burned down. (The girl campers are fellow inmates and the boys never existed) One in which Chloe stars as a young necromancer who's investigating an old abandoned summer camp where creatures reside. (Creatures include Vampire!Milla,Puppet Master!Elka,And the living corpses Clem and Crystal) And the third one is new and is based offa two PN creepypasta's I wrote featuring a 'glitched up and disturbing' version of D'artagan. I won't spoil it,Since this AU is VERY new and I like surprising people,But I'll show you guys what this 'new' Dart looks like: Oh and because I'm such an OC-loving dork,Have my two favorite PN fancharacters again: D-D-D-D-DIETO???
  3. Aw now,Really? I'm so happy to hear that. (At first I thought nobody wanted me around) And thankx! It's kinda...Pointy in my opinion (And not too many shadings as well) But it's still okay. C: Oh! Also! Totally unrelevant but I made an animation to test lip-syncing and whatnot,And the file I used for the sound was a Road Crew G-man!
  4. Oops I bumped. But yeah,I wanted to show you guys a fake screenie you've all been waiting on. I tried making this in a different program,But that didn't work out as I hoped,So next time I'll stick to SAI yet again. C: (Sorry for the late reply,Guys. I was in a lotta shet lately and I got pre~tty depressed but all is well,I hope.)
  5. Oh wow! I didn't think when I would even comment here again,But when I saw in my E-mail that someone had replied in my thread,I had to smiiiile c: Oh! You want something with Azar? Well,I haven't drawn him in quite a while. (Should though,He and the other kids are pretty dang adorable) My most recent drawing featuring him was for a Halloween picture last year: http://martina313.deviantart.com/art/Trick-or-Treat-333378457 (I need to confess that I ship Azar and Esmeralda. SO MUCH UNF) Oooooh~! Sounds awesome! That other kid of mine,Gino,He can't talk,But it's technically because -spoiler- he's actually a dead kid brought to life with necrokinesis -endspoiler- And his organs,Including his voice box,Were rotten away. c: Oh,And I did make a Raz/Lili fankid named (SURPRISE) Rose but I thought NAH and completely scrapped her and I'm planning to remake her soon,Along with my Sasha/Milla fankids. I guess so! I mean,I haven't practiced drawing old men,But uhhhm... In the PN style then? (That IS how I keep drawing himmmmm >:I)
  6. I guess so... But I also got non-anon hate on both Tumblr AND my comic. (I did block them,But sometimes I keep wondering what would happen if I didn't.)
  7. (BEE BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ <3) I've actually received so many hate that I'm slowly starting to believe it myself. Even on my webcomic. ;A;
  8. Low self-esteem and a lot of bitching on Tumblr can give you quite the feeling you're not welcome in the PN fandom. Lots of people actually hate my PN OCs and demanded I stopped tagging them as PN. Jokes on them,They're already on their way of becoming fully original. And then there is the forums...
  9. I made this like,A year ago,But since Christmas is around the corner,I decided to post it here. (Which is also probably my last time posting something on here,I know when I'm not wanted.) So yeah. Psychonauts Christmas
  10. Drew this one yesterday while being bored. What can I say? I like drawing overexcaggerated faces. And I also like to think Elka has anger issues.
  11. martina313

    The Milkman!

    This is great. Nice work.
  12. Welcome to the forums,Archimedes. ;D And nice pic!
  13. Live dangerously because YOLO *Shot* Nice work,I really like the Milla pic! Eeeeeh,I found this base on DeviantART once based offa Shed.MOV,And I got like 100+ notes on it on Tumblr. And guess what?
  14. Thankx! Naw,But I kinda failed with the C&C one~ ; Yay~ I used the name Esmeralda because it kinda fits her. (She's Dart's daughter and all. ) But her friends call her Ralda. And yes I will! Well then,You're in good luck,I'm gonna make one based offa the Milkman Conspiracy today!
  15. Thankx! Heh,No wonder Josh would get along wth him,He's Bobby's son,After all. ;D Well,And I also sometimes write stories involving them. Not to mention I currently am working on a long comic involving Dory and his attempts to win over his crush (Who is as straight as a line,And is kinda homophobic) (Also,Chapter 8 alreadyyyyy~)
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