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  1. - A tiny, tiny spaceship lost in space. Litterally the size of a phone box. - Back in time when the dinosaurs lived, minutes before that big-ass asteroid struck. - The moon. Can't go wrong with the moon. - Levitating tibetan munks. They do all kinds of weird rites. - A dark cave filled with hand paintings thousands of years old, sunlit waterfalls and rivers streaming throughout the cave. - Proboscis monkeys
  2. Getting a family of my own pretty much put a stop to that. I loved doing the games back in the days, but I can think of more healthy ways to spend my nights nowadays ;( There is, of course, the possibility of cooperating with others over the internet, but those projects ALWAYS fail in the middle of it.
  3. Well, sure, but where I live kids grew up on D. Duck. The magazine came out every tuesday. I remember it vividly, running to the cardboard boxes my mom brought home from the store to get the latest edition. We only had one TV channel back in the days, so our exposure to anything else was minimal. Basically neither me nor my artist have any relations to other youthly cartoons or comics. The only excuse we have for not creating a third D. Duck game is the enormous amount of time it takes. I bet I clocked in 99.99 percent of the time it took, with the artist the last 0.01 percent. Either I'm slow or he's very efficient!
  4. The tech looks great, but want I really want is Scott C's artwork and style!
  5. Ah, Lost Eden! It had terrible voice acting but amazing graphics at the time, and a very cool score: Reminds me of this band I can't remember the name of... and I can't even get Google to help me name the band.
  6. They only need to get the CMI coin menu work with game controllers. Why change the coin menu, you can do EVERYTHING with it, it's easy to learn and quick to use. If it ain't wrong...
  7. I've got a few stranded projects too! Oldest was a 320x240 Frankenstein themed game. I got as far as creating the walkcycle and a terrible background, a splash screen and a minigame. Then came a Dinosaur themed game that died the horrible death of "being stopped working at": Let's face it. I could never finish a game with those kind of graphics... as that screenie was about half done. (Looked better in-game) Shortly after I started working on a game I just called the Epilepsy Game: The frames animated a lot quicker in-game. Needless to say, having to animate each object three times to give the illusion I was after meant a lot of work! Too much work. My last failure has been Life of D. Duck 3. I just didn't have time to continue the series. That's a really rough intro sketch. The characters are all over the place, and there's even Paint artwork in there. My artists' version of Launchpad, by the way. Edit: Thanks Colb, that means a lot! Duck 2 took three frigging years to make
  8. Peter McConnell has scored most of Schafer's games, so I really hope he'll be back for this one. I'd be really disappointed if he didn't return. He's my favourite game composer - the work he did on Grim Fandango was legendary.
  9. Your post fooled me into thinking they made another fantastic game! Never noticed that it was the tune to Haddaway's song though.
  10. Either you stopped reading halfway through, or you need to learn using the scrollbar... In either case, I suppose one Disney character murdering another over hurt pride isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it sure is mine!
  11. Check out this totally radical Donald comic from 1933: http://bugi.oulu.fi/~heikkiv/chan/reipasta.jpg
  12. I think the game is so full of little details and easter eggs that it's difficult to remember them all. One detail I am particularly fond of is discovering those suicidal kids on the roof top of a large cabin near the end of the game, admiring the sunset while talking about jumping off the roof top killing themselves. It was so delightfully morbid and a delicious surprise indeed. Obviously they were no good at mixing poison.
  13. I'm definitely seeing it now that you mention it. Then I remember this is an action forum, and forget all about it just as fast.
  14. Scott C. comic shirts and Psychonauts merit badges, now those I would buy in an instant!
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