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    eh I am just this girl
  1. beckey

    I did it!

    I got Raz up to cadet rank 100. Do I get, like, a free t-shirt or something? it should say "I COLLECTED EVERY FIGMENT IN THE GAME FOR SOME... REASON?" Nah, I'm kidding, I really liked the extra cutscene. I love Linda.
  2. ooh, these are nice. This may sound weird, but I love the noses! Also, I like it when fanart's in a different style than the original. It's fun.
  3. Wow, thanks so much, guys. My head is swelling to magnificent proportions over here.
  4. wow, these are wonderful.
  5. Oh, thank goodness laws have been laid down about the random ADD humor. That stuff is really offputting. I want to like this forum!
  6. The only Psychonauts fanart I've done, unfortunately. Yowch!
  7. Hey, I'm Beckey. I just turned 25 (three days ago!). I live in Austin, Texas, and I draw cartoons. Um. That's it, I guess!
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