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  1. where did my forums posts before mentioning psychonauts 2 go

    1. D_M_R_59


      if people actually like me why am I still being time murdered

  2. this is just a little easter egg for him. Cant wait for escape goat 3: revenge of the spooky sheep
  3. pretending this forum post is not already deleted, posted i really know tim is going to have a good time making psychonauts 2. dont forget the 59 easter egg tim will be 100, you're a special man
  4. so..... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/66710809/double-fine-adventure I have a feeling tim took my advice.. :coolsmile:
  5. All i know is DF games need to be played in 60 fps & need to be non-saturated. This means PC. Plain & simple. Psychonauts on the pc felt 100x better than on dc. And another good example would be conkers bad furday emulated on pc. You would never go back to n64.
  6. I want tim to use the community to get the money required to make this game. I would literally invest money in double fine if it ment seeing a psychonauts 2
  7. yes..I am very confused as well as phishers do not usually have that many posts..anyways Psychonauts sold like a beast on steam. I would buy psychonauts 2 day 1..as long as it where on the PC. I feel schafer should take the gambit and make psychonauts 2 with or without money >: )
  8. I think psychonauts fans should put their money where their mouths are. This is just crazy talk but I'de honestly help fund tim in making P2.
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