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  1. My mother said I could be the best at whatever I try, and be a sea monster I tried.
  2. I dress like this to be more like my hero. Cotton Candy...oh Cotton Candy..
  3. I like my women like I like my music, Heavy - and - Metal.
  4. My XBOX live tag is V0ul0ir And recently I have been playing LoL [League of Legends] nonstop, so my name for that is Vouloir. Feel free to add me to either~
  5. If point and click adventure games run by SCUMM were more popular, I'd say do that please, but I realize the problems with that, heh. I always enjoyed the idea of a game where you/the main character dives into the internet and experiences different worlds there in. I have really indepth ideas of plot [etc] and everything, but the internet diving thing is all I really need to say to get my wants/ideas out there. I like games that take place in the now and have a sort of normal mixing with the abnormal feel, it really helps me to get into the game and feel like it's happening. I love future games compared to anything else, but I barely ever play 'now/present' games unless they are during some kind of wartime, and some other rare occurrences.. Oh, and if anyone here has played Eternal Darkness for the gamecube, I pray to the drowned spirit of Oblongata that there is a game that runs something similar to the insanity system that game had where the lower your mental health the more silly things occurred in the environment you were in. That was bloody fantastic...if you guys could do a game with something like that in it, I would be so friggen' excited and if I could, help you guys work on it for free. That whole mental health system was so fun.
  6. Psychonauts (Finally own it myself, now to play it for the third time.) Full Throttle A cthulhu dice bag Big Daddy plush doll Wind Waker track jacket A crap ton of Futurama vinyl figures Dunny figures Coloured pencils and a sketchbook (oh yay, more art supplies, it's not like I don't bleed the stuff out or anything @_@) XBOX Wifi adapter (FINALLY) Money which led to other things.
  7. For the next day. Start your day off the right way with Count Chocula cereal and some banana bread. Oh and don't forget your morning jog!
  8. I say...yes, but with more zombies. Zombies are in now, they are the now.
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