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  1. Mmm, cows. Why would you want to protest something that's delicious though?
  2. Hi everyone! I think I've lurked on these forums long enough, I'm gonna try and become an active poster... <3 Psychonauts, <3 Brütal Legend, bought both games though I don't have my own Xbox or Xbox 360 (yeah, I'm crazy like that). Did borrow one to play them, though.
  3. Looks like people already wrote most of my requests...the T-shirts for the different factions in Brütal Legend (esp. Drowning Doom), Merit badges (patches or stickers, though preferably patches) from Psychonauts, and I like the idea of figures/mini statues of Psychonauts characters.
  4. They did give away free shirts. And the game was marketed E X T E N S I V E L Y. There were commercials playing for it constantly. There were tv specials on it. Free giveaways. Magazine articles. What more did you want? A billboard on the moon? It didn't help that the other big game Majesco released at the same time (Advent Rising) was so laden with glitches that it was almost unplayable. This certainly hurt their reputation with gamers. So, it was marketed extensively, it got 9 or 10/10 reviews...so why didn't more people buy the game? That's what I'M trying to figure out...
  5. I'd have to agree that Psychonauts wasn't marketed to its full potential. If something isn't marketed enough, people won't know that it even exists; Also, does anyone remember that contest that was being held with the console version of Psychonauts? "Find the golden disc and win $1,000,000? I can understand that the purpose behind that was to get people to buy more of it, but who buys more than one copy of a game? I think they should have gone in a different direction, like offering free Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp T-shirts with the game =3. (I'm one that digs swag).
  6. Well, this gives me more time to save up and buy a 360 or a PS3 at least...Although, nothing has been said about the game being delayed, and Gamestop still lists it as coming out in December on their website. I just KNOW that I'm going to end up buying ANOTHER game I don't have the system for at this rate....Looking forward to it, though
  7. Well, it costs less that way. And LK's versatility in his voices never ceases to amaze me.
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