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  1. This is relevant to my interests. Where is this trap you speak of? He meant that if you give hot a link to those sites he will troll them. ...And the joke is lost. Sigh.
  2. I agree, but does it seem like Ron got the most character growth? It does to me. I have to agree that Ron does get the most character growth. Harry, on the other hand... Well he just keeps on being "the boy who lived" doesn't he?
  3. Woah woah woah woah! There are fujoshi here too? Well, then... In Japan, BL stands for Boys' Love (sappy gay bishounen porno' for women). In the West, BL stands for the Bardon Construction logo. Over at DFAF it stands for Brütal Legend. Among geeks BL can refer to fuzzy logic. Guess which one I crack up at.
  4. Woah! It's been at least two months and two weeks, hasn't it? Not even through the 'phone or a response through the mail? Ouch. I think I'll hold back on ordering anything if this is what customer service for their store is like...
  5. I really wanted to see it at premier... But I can't... I admit there probably isn't much character development in Harry Potter, but what really draws me into the series is the world Rowling has created. I'm not sure if more books would be a good idea however.
  6. I do know that here, "BL" stands for "Brütal Legend..." But whenever I see it... I can't help but burst into giggles.
  7. This is relevant to my interests. Where is this trap you speak of?
  8. It was creepy in the first place? Even now, I still think it's rather cute... Daww. Well, are you at least in the same class as her so you can start with a topic? But asking to sit down at her table is fine too. Oooh, that girl sounds like me. Except with red hair. And probably not talking to oneself while doing schoolwork. By the way, if she talks to herself, she's still a perfectly good person. Probably.
  9. For all three of them, 170 users who actively posted, and I don't know how many lurked.
  10. I like his shades. I want those shades. And then, I'll have my cat wear them.
  11. Thank you. Oooh, ooh! You're gonna talk to her? What's this girl like? Don't start out with a blatant compliment, that's creepy. Maybe something like, "You're _____ from _____, right?" And then after she introduces herself and you introduce yourself, break the ice with a subject that both of you can relate to. Like if she's your coworker, talk about work. Something like that. Good luck!
  12. ^implies that there are no fey trolls on the Internet What am I? I really don't know. I guess I'll just go with "bisexual man stuck in Asian girl's body." Whatever it is, I'm happy and I'm in love. Also, bewbs. Not by a long shot. I know several communities with no trolls at all. Of course, listing them is bound to bring me opprobrium, like it always does.
  13. I rather like you people already, but I must say that I'm not a short lesbian. I prefer the term "petit prince," because it somehow protects my last few shreds of my perceived masculinity, and references one of my favourite novellas. Of course I'm not sure how Si would feel about other people calling me that... Before you ask no I have not and will not have surgery, because I'm fine with my body. Mainly because Si likes my bewbs and hip-to-waist ratio. Bewbs.
  14. Err... and if I think that I was never female...
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