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  1. Oh man I love that room and the creepy nightmare. It added a great touch of her character. I love her the first time I saw her, but I love her even more when I went in that room. Everytime when somebody was doubting that Psychonauts was a good game, I just mention the room and her nightmares. Its small spolier but it usually intrested them...yeah thats a weird why of encouraging people to play the game I love the design and creepy children voices are sooo cool...now I want to draw it, dang.
  2. lol thanks, Milla is one of my fave character I had so much fun painting her, it kinda shows it in the painting. Hopefully Sasha one will be done soon. I really want to finish Sasha so badly but school is in the way
  3. Yeah I did , I have a hard time drawing with a mouse but I know friends who use the mouse and did an amazing job. Its just that I am lazy Glad you like the colours.
  4. Hey, I am so glad Double Fine setup a forum, it was kinda bored to only just go the website. Now I can show Psychonauts fanart to actually fans. It so sad that there only three people who knows this game, which is sadder they aren't excited about the game as me. Oh well.... Anyway, here are the pics, there are supposed to 4 character pictures but school started and I couldn't finish Sasha. I hope get to finish painting him soon Raz - http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x210/cezann/Razputin.jpg Milla - http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x210/cezann/Milla.jpg Lilli- http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x210/cezann/lili.jpg Enjoy
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