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  1. Entering my Lili costume~ (link) Made her friendship bracelet from scratch, and the stripes on the skirt and diamonds on the shirt are all hand-painted!
  2. I mentioned in another comment that we're all ladies. Our Sasha tends to cosplay the guys a lot. Picky, picky!
  3. Thanks, AP! I'm not sure how long it took for Raz and Loboto (the two are sisters!) to make their costumes, but they definitely worked on them much longer than the rest of us. Raz also made the Pokeylope. Milla finished her dress in about 2 days, Sasha bought her stuff at Good Will, mine took about a month on and off, because I painted the diamonds on the shirt and believe it or not, the longest thing to make for my costume was the friendship bracelet (9 hours!) And a big ol' no on PAX. All of us are Jersey girls so we're kinda stuck over here.
  4. (I put this in the Fan Art section since it's fan-created) Hey folks, long time, no post. But I come back bearing wondrous things! Such as photos of the Psychonauts group my friends and I did this past weekend at Otakon (anime convention in Baltimore, Maryland). Surprisingly and pleasantly, a LOT of people recognized us and the reactions were fantastic! We originally were supposed to have a Bonita Soleil, a G-Man, and two Rainbow Squirts (twins!), but they couldn't join us this time around. There's too many photos to attach, so I'm gonna put them in links. Sasha Nein and his fancy umbrella Sasha & Milla The good doctor Turtle Soup....? Psycho-battle! The ladies love the 'lope To the Future! "Just look at this flower!" GOGGALOR! Under the ella-ella The kiddie couple The Mental Minx Full shot of Raz Levitation, kinda And last but not least.... WE HEART YOU, DOUBLE FINE! There may be more photos added later. Milla, Lili (me), Raz, and Loboto's costumes made from scratch. There's actually a fan inside Loboto's head to keep the little lady inside nice and cool. ~
  5. Twil

    The Doodles: Aftermath

    Thanks, folks! Here's one I finished this afternoon~ Prisoner of Art
  6. Twil

    The Doodles: Aftermath

    I ain't dead yet! Alas, I have returned! Actually, I've logged back in to aid with the 'pedia but I have gotten back on track with Psychonauts art. Got two to share, and hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have another. Levitation Celebration The TRUE Meaning of Drama
  7. His scene just disturbed the hell outta me. 90% of the movie disturbed me. So no, not worth it. He's only in it for about 5-10 minutes.
  8. The whole point of the movie was to pull a Moulin Rouge on us but only used Beatles songs. Agreed. Tho I thought the film was horrible as a whole. I loved the trailer more than the movie. It dragged on way too long and the characters were so pathetic and one dimensional that it was impossible to feel anything for them.
  9. Twil

    Brütal Lament

    (I LIVE) Yeah...pretty pissed off this isn't going on the PC (yet) as well. The PS3 is too ridiculously overpriced (they're releasing a "cheaper"version that'll be around $400, but can't play PS2 games), and the 360...well, 90% of my friends own one so I can borrow it from them, but I'd rather own the game for myself on PC rather than buy it for myself on a system I don't personally own. (Already had that happen with Halo and that was stupid waste of money).
  10. I'm not into the series very heavily. I've only played X-2 in its entirety. Enjoyed it for what it was but probably because I had no other FF experience to compare it to. Also played Dirge of Cerberus, so I dunno if that counts (even if I HATE how much they're milking the FF7 cow, but Vinnie's cool). FFXIII looks promising, if only because Nomura's in charge.
  11. Yeah, I was thinking that, too. And it's still nighttime when you return everyone's brains so I could try that. Luckily I have a file saved when I had everybody re-brain'd and before I got to the POINT OF NO RETURN. Just gotta see if reading the bulletin boards will still work and get them up on the roof.
  12. They should market "Ford Cruller's Bacon Strips [none of that 'beggin'' nonsense-just BACON]". Could be for dogs or humans. Whatever.
  13. Do Clem and Crystal actually do anything once they're on the roof of the Main Lodge? Aside from being cryptic, I mean. They keep mentioning that they'll wait to do the "Project" once the sun goes down so does something happen at night?
  14. ...IN AMERICA. Genius this series is. I see people try to mimic it, but they can't match the original. Kinda sad that one guy does all the voices and that's pretty much how it's done in the actual show.
  15. I don't go to /b/. Just lurk around in /co/ and /cgl/. Whatever's in /b/ I usally come across at one point or another.
  16. Ok, I couldn't resist due to the upcoming holiday. Sorry for double post!
  17. I could spam this thread with my entire folder of "Misc Funny Crap" but spamming is looked down upon by the Info Cow D:
  18. I don't even remember now, actually. Just it was the right shade of brown, fairly sturdy, and most importantly $1/yd Kinda want to look for a fabric that has the faint checkered pattern they have in the game. If not, I'd have to do that myself or just stick with a plan brown I wasn't sure about the hat, really. I was going to make it out of fabric with wires inside it so it stays up.
  19. Sorry, Apple Pop, but I have to back out of our G-Man duel. The fabric I wanted to get was gone when I went to Walmart and I really don't want to spend a lot for other, more expensive fabric D: And no, I'm not buying a trench coat cuz I'd rather make one >_< Sorry...I don't even know what I'll be dressing up as now. May finish up my Lili costume but I'm not going to be doing much Halloween eve to begin with
  20. I've been dressing up at anime cons for almost 5 years. So Halloween isn't that big of deal Tho it's sort of "Official Cosplay Day" to us.
  21. OK, as promised, here's a completed version of the G-Men YMCA design! Wooo~! I figured out how to incorporate the watering can (in a way that made more sense than the G-Man sticking the rolling pin into the ground).
  22. How's this for a G-Man shirt design? This is just a quick vector "sketch" so you can get the idea. Tried to make it YMCA-ish. Couldn't figure out how to incorporate the stop sign, watering can, or shears. May switch the plunger with the rifle, tho. Will have a finished one tomorrow.
  23. DS, definitely. Wii only has the WiiSports and maybe 3 or 4 other games that would be appealing to her and your son. Plus it's cheaper *thumbs up*
  24. I was gonna be the Joker last year but I didn't wanna do face make-up at school again since it's a pain to wear all day. Made my art class watch the 1989 Batman, tho. Post pics after Halloween! Joker is one of my fave characters
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