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  1. I am having a lot of fun with Hack 'n Slash right now (had been in my backlog for a long time). But I was wondering - why are there no achievements for this game? I think that the experience would benefit a lot from some more structure, and achievements are usually an easy way to accomplish that. What do you think?
  2. I think that a publicly accessible, edited version of the whole thing (about 100' total?) would be the best option for everyone. On one hand, backers would not feel cheated for having payed for something later made freely available (I think that it would slightly annoy me, for instance); on the other, people currently attacking both DF and Kickstarter would have the option of informing themselves in a less overwhelming way (eighteen 20-30' documentaries - 450' - might feel a little overwhelming, especially for haters). So, I would actually enjoy the idea of a freely accessible "DFA - The Movie," reasonable in length and posted everywhere; granting non-backers free access to the entire series of documentaries, on the other side, would seem to me unfair and potentially useless for publicity. I absolutely wouldn't mind seeing the series released for a price afterwards, though (and the 100' "movie" version would work as a nice advertisement for it). Looking forward to Broken Age part II! And THANK YOU for this great ride, team Reds!
  3. DFA already is the best 15 bucks I've ever spent on a game (or sausage) - I love you all, guys! Thank you for this great adventure, and don't let those suckers spoil our fun! Hugs for all the team, I'm proud of you! - One of your 90,000 loyal friends Edit - had forgotten one zero!
  4. DFA is becoming one of the most inspiring stories I've ever experienced. Thank you so much, Reds & TPP!
  5. Watching the pitch too. This is truly promising. Congratulations, Andy!
  6. Here are my votes: The white birch I guess for the proposed atmosphere, and for Andy Wood's humble but resolute pitch - he's a new face, at least for me, but he seems determined and confident. I thought that I would have liked to see him directing a project of his own. The concept for the game itself might be derivative; however, I trust Double Fine to deliver something new. Autonomous I completely trust Lee Petty after Stacking, and this new idea is as promising as the previous one: a clever combination of fun, original gameplay and distinctive art style. Definitely a product I'd like to see made. Zumbi Chained This bizarre, fresh idea undoubtedly deserved more attention: a co-op game about slavery set in the Caribbean, with a simple ingenious mechanic and unique characters. I sincerely hope it will find its path to development, in one way or another: it seems perfect for Double Fine's creativity. Turk It stands out as something completely different - a game without history or setting, but with an innovative and seemingly fun premise. I've voted for straightforward curiosity - and for a potential underdog. Critterverse A wacky interpretation of Pokémon with an odd sci-fi setting, quirk animals, 2D retro graphics and action puzzles? When will it come out?
  7. Can we trust this "totally_not_a_fake_person" guy? Won't this just be a subtle strategy by DF itself to make us fools think there's something absolutely awesome coming along? BTW I voted "This is so awesome!". And I think it.
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