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  1. What's funny is I just finished playing through it again a few weeks ago. Am I embarassed? No, of course I'm not embarassed! There's so much goodness in that game, it's easy for a little to spill out when you carry it around. Splash!
  2. Ahoy! What about on one side, Raz and his Day (Raz pre-promotion, goggles, etc) and maybe one of the squirrels or some such piece of flavor, with a little background something to actually hold the book up (that dream carnival wagon thing, maybe?). On the other side, Sasha, Milla, and the general-dude whose name I just forgot, maybe in front of Sasha's dream-machine thing, the name of which I have also forgotten. What were we talking about?
  3. I mean, for serious. I'm nearly done reading all 400-and-bajillion episodes, and my eyes are like tiny raisins, and not in the good way. BUT how lovely it would be to turn the pages, smelling their pagey ink and other page-related smells, and when finally done with the grand adventure, to carefully place it on the shelf, alongside other classics like The Hobbit, E.L. Doctorow's Billy Bathgate, and a book of funny sayings by Art Linkletter? While a yo-yo with 2HB on it is certainly fine, how much more fine would it be, if we could purchase a printed collection of these humorous adventuresome strips? I'll tell you how fine: Double. Fine.
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