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  1. Well, my costume is going to be Edward Cullen. No, I am completely serious. It's going to be hilarious. And, going outwith friends that night. To scare kids and such.
  2. I like (lol I'm back~) AFI- favorite band ever. sorry, but it's not changing; I have a love for Hunter Burgan. Mindless Self Indulgence- another band I like. Jimmy Urine is a funny man~ Tegan and Sara- Liked them for about a year. Saw them in Indy back in May. Oh, and Tegan's hot. Voltaire- One of my favorite singers since I was about 10. The old RDers on here should know. :}
  3. I'm the Aunt, so that makes me Allie's mom? I'll roll with it.
  4. so wait....what am i then...a cousin or something Yeah, i was like the sister, and Dark was like my twin you hated, so have I demoted to a cousin, twice removed? :l
  5. ~fist pound~ We are the elite. *Feels left out* I'm sowwy... You could have dug around and found RD...then you'd be one of us.one of us, one of us, one of us... :3 ummm hello i was there, did that, got this crappy shirt from it yeah, i stuck around RD, even in hard times. Like when it went anorexic from lack of posts, and when it slit it's wrists with jmac knives. i think i deserve a fist pound. >
  6. That reminds me of the time you, me and cheez tryed to all play Halo online. And it failed, bad X'D
  7. Saw it with my sister and her fiance. I think Heath Ledger was more of a Brokeback Mountain guy than a Joker. ;.;
  8. Hello, I'm Zell! I never really introduced myself, oh well. I'll be popping in from time to time hopefully. Well anyway, I'm Zell, the real name's Abby. I'm a 14 year old from Indiana, who's also an eighth grader. I'm 6' 1", but I refuse to play sports. I enjoy(ed) choir, but due to a comment the teacher made to me this year, which almost got her fired ("OH, so you only said you were agnostic so you wouldn't have to sing the song, didn't you?". It was some christian song telling us to praise Jesus; I didn't want to sing it, although my mom did, so I didn't argue, thus leading me there), but didn't, I'm switching to German, which is rather easy. For some reason, the school thinks I should be in the advanced classes, even though I failed math. Fun facts: I enjoy sewing and cooking, drawing, writing, driving my ATV (named Javey <3), listoning to music, and studing German in my free time. Which is basicly this summer. >.< I'm also a vegetarian (since January) and I refuse to wear animals. Although, I'm not as crazy as PETA. I'm also pansexual, though I probably won't hit on you X3. That's about it. Did I forget anything?
  9. and i'm on decent terms with him as well. oh god, you shouldv'e seen the old "zell exploded on cheez" threads ..... and we need mayhem to go back to rd too dammit! >.<
  10. Urgh, anything with his name on it in this age makes me recoil in disgust. ;( eh? what?
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