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  1. This game looks like its gonna be a heck of alot of fun!
  2. @ hot: HAHAHAHAHAH thats rad! great work, the best one is the Tim as Eddie Riggs one.
  3. i totally agree. i will post a real one when i see one nothing wrong with a little levity is there?
  4. Yeah i see he didn't post the TWO pictures he took. just the one. this is the one where i was calling everybody else over to come and see the awesome standee. ill post one as soon as i find one. er.....i mean another. *cough*
  5. welcome jimmy. hope you have fun here, lots of good peeps!
  6. maybe ill try some tests with better eyeballs. if i like it then i post it!
  7. LMAO! dead eyes! golden. yeah i suppose i could add some white....i was trying to go with the classic feel of the original game and how he was all "squinty* and only in a handful of scenes did you see his actual whites none the less i would like to work at double fine too. maybe they read this and will hire me,...but im not going to hold my breath
  8. well i hope its not minded. but i did ANOTHER full throttle pic. here it is. http://cinsev.deviantart.com/art/Full-throttle-war-2-133919283 hope you enjoy it!
  9. I should TOTALLY apply then! i have all those powers! and i also make a mean batch of mash potatoes! seriously tho, i am an animator and painter artist type of dude. I would say that much of what has been said here is right. school is important as long as you go there for school and not socializing. working hard to improve is key, both in art and im sure in programming too! but that being said, its all about balance, networking in this industry is FREAKING HUGE! so learn to be friendly with lots of people. also save your projects, try stuff out on your own, learn learn learn. so when you goto an interview for a programmers position or artists position and they give you a test (some places do) then you are ready for it. modding communities are a good route as was mentioned so i would seriously consider that. goto game design forums and read books on what makes good game design. all this stuff helps. anyway hope this thread has been useful lots of peeps here really offered good help. but if you have other questions dont hesitate to ask.
  10. thanks everybody! @koco: thank you lighting is something that i have ben working on improving for some time now! so its good that its getting noticed @feddlefew: Awesome sounds highly complimentary. ill take it ! thanks @Brütal Bill: Thanks very much im working hard to get to a professional status so that i might be part of such great prject like brutal legend and the like.
  11. Its wont do badly. Period. i have played almost every game Tim has been a part of professionally, (if not all of them) i have yet to play one that didnt amuse me greatly. TIM SCHAFER FOR PRESIDENT! sorry about that, we dont even have presidents in canuckland.
  12. hey all! about a year ago or so i posted an image of ben standing by his bike looking all badass. well i just finished this: http://cinsev.deviantart.com/art/Full-throttle-war-133054856 I really enjoyed painting it and i think it turned out rather well let me know what you think! and if this is in the wrong thread let me know too! C&C is welcome.
  13. Im working on one, hopefully i will be able to get it posting sometime in the near future! much my prelim work for it is posted on deviantart.
  14. I trust tim and the people he has surrounded himself with to create something truly AWESOME! in fact i dont even want to guess, i think whatever it is, it will be classic Schafer and surprise us with its general awesome factor. i never would have thought a game about psychic summer camp could be so ultimately rad, so im willing to just wait and see with a ton of excitement. what am i saying?! brutal legend is coming out soon!! THAT awseome will be more then enough to tide me over untill even the merest announcement of the next title!
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