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  1. I had no time to investigate! I just read this!! Because I thought nobody would care for what I have to say, like every time before in my life, so I didn't bother to check this thread for replies earlier. I am crying tears of warm joy and therefore dehydrating as a result of your hospitality. This Steven Seagal, I think I will have to go granular on him.
  2. Oh dear!! Also, is the UHF in your name like the Weird Al movie? Because Weird Al rocks and should live forever! Actually it's been part of a captcha when I registered for another forum a couple of days ago. But it pleasantly reminded me of an obscure time in my early childhood, when I experienced the Weird Al movie for the first and last time in my life. Very obscure. So I decided to make it part of my next forum user name. Oh my, how time passes, and you were right!
  3. Hi! This is my first Post on this forum. I'm from Austria, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hitler. I guess I should rather mention people like Mozart or Billy Wilder, but the other two came to my mind first. What can I say, I'm broken in the head! On this note please forgive my orthographic and grammatical frailties. I'm almost 25 years old now and hardly play video games anymore. But I played them a lot as a kid and a teenager. Tim Schafer was involved in many of my favourite games. I still play these every now and then because I enjoy the storytelling and the characters and the music, artwork, etc so much. That's why I'm here. But enough about me! Yesterday I browsed through Tim Schafer's blog entries and when I arrived at the post about Tony Plana being the voice talent for Manny Calavera my neurons started to have a little fiesta inside my broken head. At first I didn't know for what reason I felt this tingling sensation in the back of my cranium. There where synapses built right there. I could feel it. You know the feeling when seemingly unrelated things get associated, right? It's great! So I leaned back and observed with joy and anticipation. Suddenly the image of Tony Danza popped up in my mind. Now Tony Plana and Tony Danza are names that sound pretty similar. Up to this point that was all there was to it. This (for me) spooky similarity was merely the trigger for a thought I haven't been thinking for years. It will bore most of you, but I was amused: When I first played Grim Fandango (German version) as a teen I found that Manny Calavera's voice sounded pretty much like Alf's (dubbed in German) with a Spanish accent. This again reminded me of the first time I had seen Who's the Boss? with Tony Danza as a kid, when I recognized quickly that he was dubbed by the same actor as Alf. This had borne great fascination on me back then by the way. So when I read that an actor called Tony Plana had voiced Manny Calavera I pondered about the coincidence of two seemingly unrelated American actors with such similar names tied together on the basis of a video game character. So, I don't know. This is probably a lame story but I haven't been out of house the whole week. It's the most exciting thing that happened to me in the past few days. And I thought it might be some nice trivia for fans of Grim Fandango. By the way, I looked up Tony Danza at Wikipedia before I wrote this and learned that the German voice talent's name is Thomas Piper. He has his own Wikipedia entry in which not only Alf, Tony Danza, Michael Landon and Nick Nolte but also Manny Calavera are mentioned. Funny! Have a nice day! Michael
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