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    I could have my heart broken thirty times in a month, and Tim's news posts could still get me to laugh until I passed out.

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  1. Thanks Tony! I am going to test on my older laptop to confirm, but I'm hoping it'll run just fine on the integrated Intel HD 4000, even if I have to lower the settings. I'll let you know once I give it a shot!
  2. Hey everyone, My buddy that I played this game with in elementary school wants to play, but currently doesn't have a laptop to do so. I see tons of laptops out there and I see the requirements on GOG and Steam, but I wanted to see everyone else's experiences. Has anyone tried this on a laptop that's a few years old? Like the requirements say Intel HD 4000 Graphics or equivalent, but I want to make sure the game actually runs fine at that power or if its virtually unplayable. It's not an issue to find a ~$300 laptop that matches the processor and RAM requirements, but the graphics are making me nervous. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  3. Check this out: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=112935571 Click on "'Keelhauled' - by Alestorm for some amazing Scottish Pirate Metal. I love me some Metal music!!!!
  4. Schmatz


    Dunno how to delete posts on these forums, so just changed everything.
  5. I loved Epic Saga, but Raz never finished it
  6. Full Throttle will always be my favorite Schafer as well as adventure game. I grew up playing it, and enjoyed it every time I replayed it. Kicking down the door or kicking the piano, to playing the stabbing game, there was nothing I loved more. When I was in grammar school my friend and I were Full Throttle addicts. He bought the strategy guide (or as we called it, the Second Bible), and we would try to draw our own versions of all the concept art during class. Sometimes we resulted to tracing because we weren't that good. Actually none of my Ben pictures ever actually looked like Ben either. Eventually my friend was able to beat the game in like twenty minutes by skipping all the cutscenes. Grim and Psychonauts are amazing games, but Full Throttle will always win my heart. P.S. I just added Psychonauts to my Firefox dictionary. It should have come in there by default!
  7. Oh sweet they enabled them! Thanks to you whoever the admin is!
  8. I know this sounds like the most common forum troll question, but will avatars ever be enabled?
  9. Yes I cannot seem to find news pages ending in .html or .htm
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