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  1. I woke up feeling like I'd been to Hell to back, in a way, I had. After personally gutting thousands of demons I had been pulled through the gate they were coming through. I felt like $@!#. I looked around, I was in some kind of desolate town. I walked forward, BFG at the ready. I saw a sign. "'Silent Hill?' What kind of backwater $#@hole is Silent Hill?" I didn't have time to get an answer, some pointy headed freak began running at me. Pointed at him, pulled the trigger. Boom. Down. What next? He got back up, that's what's *@%!in' next. He came at me again, I took cover. Things weren't going to be easy around here. For me, things never are.
  2. I've seen games where one player is the 'commander' and issues commands to squads played by the players. They weren't very fun. Brutal Legend Online could change that.
  3. From the very end of the game: "Tear us apart?! Are you insane!? Look how big I am!" "Yeah! And I think I can JUGGLE now!"
  4. The Tallest Tale - Sit through Vernon's 'lady' story until Raz interrupts him.
  5. In a recent Brutal Legend trailer, there's some really up close and personal footage of Lyonwhite... looks like he's playable. Tasty, tasty, DLC. This video, at about the 0:48 mark, looks like Lyonwhite shocking Eddie, and then using the earthshaker. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he never did either of those things during the campaign did he? Either way, even when he knocks Eddie back the camera stays on him, meaning he's playable. Mostly just speculation on my part, but the evidence is there...
  6. I had more trouble with the boar... took me a couple tries, first time I forgot to jump off of the boar, second I was shot down by laser panthers... third time I made it though. If you're having trouble finding a Hextadon, I find the easiest way is to just use Call of the Wild right next to a ramp. He'll pop up, and you can just roll around and ramp him.
  7. I love the bleeding death to... death. Love to end battles by capping both of the enemy geysers and while bleeding death all over their stage. Also I find something very satisfying about throwing soul kissers at avatars.
  8. SPOILERINOS "Come back when you have a pair as big as your mother's!" "I hope he means horns..."
  9. It should totally be called Linda. But then it can't reference SCUMM and Tim's old life as a SCUMMlet.
  10. You get some art for spending some time manning the mic. Try lots of double teams.
  11. My PSN ID is Bluddocean. Will be adding the last posters in this thread, wanna play some BL.
  12. The headbanger that built the death rack has the same voice actor as Raz. Not a big deal, until you notice he's also wearing Raz's goggles.
  13. CHUMM (The Tainted Coil) The Cannibalistic Humanoid Underwater Man Mauler is to be feared and not seen. Appearing as a grisly walking fish, this abomination has the rather unpleasant tendency of completely halting the production of nearby enemy fan geysers with his horrible smell. Serving as a sort of 'sub-hierarchy' unit akin to the Ratgut, the CHUMM can double team to throw its guts onto a target, and attract small Chummlets to latch onto the target and strip it of its flesh in a matter of seconds.
  14. Just sort of wondering what carries over from a completed game when picking chapters. Can someone enlighten me? I want to see the Mr. Crowley music video cutscene again, but don't want to lose all my serpents and such.
  15. Pretty much anytime I'm on a long drive I turn on Angel Witch, never heard of 'em before and they blow my mind.
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