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  1. Tim Schafer made me the man I am today. The dastard.
  2. 90% of the time it's a UK/European player (like Taumel it seems) that's complaining, since "monkey wrench" is a US-only name.
  3. Yeah, I've still got the Fullscreen issue. It crashes instantly with just a black screen and a cursor.
  4. Absolutely can't wait, so happy this is happening. Double Fine doing an Earthbound-style RPG is exactly what I want to see, but Costume Quest was too small and slight - I want to see a proper one, at least the size of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Just a bit more to it and a more interesting combat system, then that'll be my perfect game.
  5. I'm planning on letting it swallow me then mixing up a purgative using ipecac and pancake syrup.
  6. Just remember with both of these complaints, no tram puzzle and not enough Curtis, we've only played half the game. It'll be a shame if Curtis doesn't end up a major character though, since Wil Wheaton does him so well.
  7. It's interface related so I'll post it here. I've attached a screenshot of Vella in Meriloft - in this particular scene it's much too fiddly to get out of the scene. Can you please increase the area for the Exit Arrow in this area Double Fine? Minor thing but even though it seems obviously at the end of the path first time I couldn't find it. Also inventory related - can there be a pop-up message telling people about the inventory right at the start and how to open it? And how they can change the button to open it quickly?
  8. Yep, I customised my controls to do just that, works nicely.
  9. I'd rather he played "Ballblaster". Tell him specifically to play that.
  10. Speaking as a games writer (I'm loathe to use the word 'journalist') there should not be any official "reviews" of Broken Age when it comes out on Early Access because by very definition it's not complete. Instead you'll hopefully just find previews that talk about the state of the game, or scoreless work-in-progress reports the likes of which PC Gamer sometimes do. I'll be previewing Spacebase soon (I've been waiting for at least one major update to give DF the chance to eliminate the worst launch bugs, I felt that was fair) so I'll probably do Broken Age too with DF's permission. Of course none of you guys would be interested since you'll be playing it anyway. Basically the result would be good, since it'd be either "don't get it yet, but it's not out yet so plenty of time for them to fix things - here's the things I like so far" or "it's great already and it's only going to get greater". Generally speaking previews are positive or at least optimistic in tone, just to be fair.
  11. Yep, I'm with the others who would like a general overview of the budget so far and how it was spent. I trust Double Fine and I'm not calling "scam" like some ridiculous commenters on some sites, but it would be interesting to know. The most important thing that people getting shocked over this have to remember is that game making isn't like a building in a strategy game, you don't pour money into it and the game steadily starts to be constructed until it's finished. To use a close to home example, Psychonauts was basically restarted from scratch halfway through development because the game wasn't becoming as fun as it should have been, so DF started again and we got one of the best games ever made at the end. Game development isn't a smooth process, especially if you're allowed to be creative.
  12. Here, let me keep this thread alive. I don't know if DF have the license back from THQ or whether they'd like to do it without Tasha, but I think it would be worth it. I don't know why it took me so long to play Costume Quest - I bought it as soon as it turned up on Steam, but now I've finally got to the end... and hit a cliffhanger! AAARGH! Now that Massive Chalice is backed, let me share the game I would love to see from Double Fine and would gladly put my money towards via Kickstarter: a full-length Earthbound-style Costume Quest sequel. Improve the gameplay and fighting mechanics (an easier way to heal, or most effective blocks for example), remove the silly "hit everything" idea in favour of funnier reasons to explore, add a map, and a truly epic save-the-world mission that combines comedy with heart. Hell, just tell the gaming world "Double Fine want to do a full-length Earthbound-style RPG" and I'm sure you'll get funded.
  13. What? Okay, for starters - do any of you people crying "wa wa PC gaming is all pirates" actually buys movies or music? You do? Well then, they're two incredibly pirated mediums, yet they still exist and are popular. Why do companies still release them? BECAUSE THEY STILL SELL OF COURSE! Same goes for PC games. Of course you're going to get piracy, on anything, but it's no good blaming it if your game doesn't sell. Brutal Legend springs to mind. Come the Xbox 720/PS4 that game will be dead and unsupported if neither system is backwards-compatible with this generation. If it was out on PC it would be played forever. Now then, on to your cutesy RPG getting ignored by the PC crowd comments... what? By your argument this should be a Wii-only game! This "hardcore gamer" you speak of... do they exist on consoles too? They do! Wow! Might they not buy the game at all? Oh, maybe the game's not marketed at them. Stop just lumping "PC gamers" with "pirates". Pirates won't buy the game in any event. I think you'll find that those Capcom games you mentioned were a) released ages late, and b) are console-centric games. Oh, I'm not saying there aren't games which are more natural on consoles, I'm just saying RPGs isn't one of them - the exact opposite in fact. In fact, forget genre - it's the whole digital download-only thing that I'm protesting. PC gaming is digital gaming. This is just a pure snub by either THQ or Double Fine. And for that, I thank you for your efforts Double Fine - but I'm not buying your game. Simple. Sorry. And when the next generation rolls around, you won't be playing it or Brutal Legend either, however much you want to. I'll just carry on playing that copy of Day of the Tentacle I bought in 1997 and the three different PC copies of Psychonauts I have instead.
  14. In that case, you're the reason gaming companies like Double Fine go bust. Quit criticizing people who like PC games. PSP and DS piracy is a lot more prevalent than PC piracy, just because it's a lot more profitable too, and 360 piracy is really bad too. I particularly like the story about Gears of War 2 being the most-pirated game of the year because Cliffy B made such a big deal about piracy on the PC. Short answer: pirates are not the problem, and they will never go away. 6000 pirated copies of games do NOT equal 6000 lost sales, as those people probably wouldn't have bought the game anyway. Anyway, my comment from the news post: "It looks fantastic, but I'm sorry - unless it's literally a few pounds/dollars I won't be getting this if it's not on PC. I don't do digital download titles on console. I'm just too worried the service will just be turned off at the end of this console cycle and I won't be able to access or reinstall my game, whether I still have the console or not. I don't trust Microsoft or Sony to do anything about this worry. With physical media it's not a problem, but with digital-only it's a real concern - and what about backwards compatibility? What if the next version of Xbox Live for Xbox 720 doesn't support all the old Live games and you have to repurchase them? Digital on PC though? The PC is ALL about digital now. And you know how much I love Double Fine's games on PC? I own four copies of Psychonauts, and three of those are the PC version. I own one copy of Brutal Legend, and unless it turns up on a certain desktop format that I enjoy it will forever remain one copy. That I have only played once. Nevertheless, it does sound really cool and exactly the type of game I'd like. Shame I won't get to buy it." I will never buy a console-only digital title. There's just guarantee about them.
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