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  1. welcome aboard, good to have you around hope you enjoy your stayhere
  2. Yup, I’ve met him twice. Extremely nice, as is everyone else from Double Fine that I’ve met or had any contact with.
  3. i too kinda miss the old orange site. I mean this place has some orange, but just not all the orange. It doesnt make me feel as fuzzy as it used to
  4. So, I stopped reading when I saw “Costume Contest, somethingsomething the 29th” and ran off to make my costume. I should have paid a bit closer attention.
  5. Really, really great pumpkins. That one with the rear projection brought my mind to a whole new level of consciousness. Your pumpkin leveled up my mind.
  6. Can you possibly give me an update when Signed Xbox360 copies are ready for order? Awesome, well looks like Eddie’s going to Denmark then….
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