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  1. Frankly some of the best PC games I have played in recent years in this bundle. Pick it up while you can, as the price is border-lining theft.
  2. Worry not, mother hen. I think that was naught more than a comical pitch/incentive to encourage people to purchase the book. I own it and encountered no such thing upon my read through. All of the material within is of the friendly variety and contains no images of gross indecency. ;-)
  3. So your post really ought to read as follows: Leroy, I did not list Devil May Cry nor Kingdom Hearts as they were released 7/8 years ago. ;-P I was also taking it as a given that he had not played Persona.
  4. Jeez. What did you land on? ...playing Yume Nikko. Just like Psychonauts. Only with dreams. And it's Japanese. So it sucks... WHAT! I haven't played a fun Japanese game that wasn't from Nintendo in like... 5 or 6 years. No Okami, killer7, Shadow of the Colossus, MGS, RE4 or Katamari? ;-P
  5. I could have sworn I created a topic for this many moons ago. Capcom have confirmed to Eurogamer that which many Monster Hunter players already suspected: the Western release is free to play. Wii-speak is also being supported for the western release. Monster Hunter is essentially a re-envisioned Phantasy Star Online that began upon the PS2 in 2004/5 and was followed up by Monster Hunter Dos. There have also been several PSP iterations which are bolstered versions of their home console counterparts. MH3 is currently exclusive to the Wii and due to be released in the West sometime in March of next year. Trailer Opening Cinematic
  6. I have been watching Underbelly of late. An Australian Sopranos type affair based upon real life events taking place within Melbourne from 1995-2005.
  7. Obtained the Platinum within Uncharted 2 this morning and obtained 100% in Brutal Legend a few days before.
  8. The shame about MadWorld is that it was all style and no substance; essentially: God Hand's antithesis.
  9. Pleased to see you are supporting the title, Waka. ;-P The gents over at Consolevania have been discussing/arguing about this for months. I would be lying if I said I did not tire of the "It's on the wii so it can't possibly be good" responses. Gamers are feckless idiots. Who would have thought it? Some screens were revealed a week or two ago. Certainly looking to forward to what Spector has in store.
  10. masquerade


    After Lars dies you can go to the graveyard behind Blade Henge and pay tribute with Lita at Lars's grave to change the weather.
  11. The lack of an HUD is to allow the world to shine through and have the "album cover" look. Heartbeats and a reddening screen are more than enough, as are the glowing guitar strings. What do you mean by "quick keys" automatic input or just easy access for certain solos? If you removed the manual input it would somewhat negate the challenge of stage battles.
  12. This. People often wonder why gaming has become a medium filled with repetition, a lack of innovation and great ideas and the simple answer would be: gamers. We wail and moan about the most trivial of things and demand sequels, then have the gall to complain about the lack of innovation or original ideas within the industry. Many of us who claim to support innovation and creativity shall often pass upon titles with phrases such as 'I shall get it later.' 'I can not buy Drake's Fortune II and Brutal Legend. I shall wait a while for Brutal Legend'. I still here people asking for a sequel to Grim Fandango, because apparently that is not a brilliant standalone title that is able to rest contentedly within its coffer.
  13. Heh, was there not already a newcomer onslaught after the announcement of Brutal Legend? I was a late-comer(as was Freedom) but the only people I recognize in this thread from the 'old days' are Waka, Headroom, Shagadellic. Newcomers should be welcomed if they bring discussion and civility.
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