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    thx i'll send a mail. that's the steam version of the game, but it used to work (looong time ago).
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    Hi, i never uninstalled psychonaut since ever, and i can't launch it anymore because (see picture) Raz got a too opened-mind and do not respond to controller. He stays like a stick, i can move him but without any animation. and of course i can't jump in the door to enter the game. I've uninstalled the game and redownload it but it does the same. i tried to upgrade my video driver, just in case, but nothing changed. any idea ?
  3. Hey ! i made a anticipated Rocktober fan art hope you'll enjoy it ( the black&white version is here )
  4. GOM.

    Psychonauts and love

    Hey ! i finally find the time to watch ep20 and at the end i saw this That's too bad that the post office had to fold it (many times). but at least it's where it has to be. cheers ! Gom
  5. please make it true, please make it true !!
  6. i put my thumb up for this eventual artbook project.
  7. Psychonauts HD would be really good !
  8. GOM.

    Psychonauts and love

    yay \o/ (i wasn't sure if you received it already)
  9. Hello ! Just want to share this with you : more here Gom
  10. you can use keyboard arrows to speed up or slow down the text
  11. Hi, i would like to share a few think that i felt missing. - About the interface, i felt like Kuroshiro about the left and right clic and the drag and drop. but at the end i get used to it. The thing that i missed with the self clic orientation of the game is that, i liked to use the "look at" verb on every thing all around the game and this function gives the opportunity to have more "environment" informations. More jokes about how to live with a pancake roof or why granpa is grumpy from Vela's point of view. With the "action-clic" every time i'm interest by something i took it or i figure what i can do with it. This surely participate on the "game's too short / puzzles to easy" feeling. (and i wanted to click on the little diamond-guys to know more about them all the time !) - i really appreciated the skip-the-sceen function (space bar) specially during the Shay's beginning. but i missed the skip-the-sentence button, usually "." to be more specific on micro events : - at the very first puzzle of Vela, when you pick up the cupcakes on the plate, i think it helps to have an animation just to see her arm. Maybe i'm the only one here, but it's the first time you pick an object in this game so you don't know what will happens, i don't know if i was distract but i didn't hear or see that i took it. - the background of Vela's adventure, when you walk up to the dead eye guy cave, is weird. I was delighted all the time by every piece of art that was made and this one seems less inspired to me. The game is good and can only be better. i really love the work you've accomplished.
  12. seems right to me. as we miss one on each mission (Véla, the green girl from the sky)
  13. Kevyin, *** spoiler***** try to invert the 2 devices in the ship
  14. well Thanks everyone, I must have a deeper problem because the directx 9 install didn't work and even through steam nothing happens (click and then nothing) i'll try to figure out later, cheers, ^^
  15. Wouhou \o/ thanks i'll try this after work
  16. Hi ! Great job for this Amnesia fortnight \o/ now i really want to play those game but i have 2 issues, the first one i can't launch the white Birch and the Black swan (didn't try Autonomous yet) i'm on windows 7 64bit but it keeps me saying that the "d3dx9_43.dll" is not build to run in windows blablabla so after trying to reinstall directx, i figured an other solution, running those game on steam ! But here is my second problem, i activated my steamkey at the very begining of the humble bundle operation and so, none of those new (wonderful) prototype games apear on my (astonishing) library of game and when i try to sneak over steam like by reactivating my key it tells me that i'm not aloud to download the other game :'( here is my fantastic life. Did someone has an idea ? regards, Gom.
  17. Thank you to share all of this with us. This is valuable (is this proper english ?) well Thank you. Peter Chan is inspiring at multiples layers. I don't know if you've got such material from Scott or Bagel or Lee but it sure be full of interest too.
  18. GOM.


    Here it comes ! Brütal Legend ! Let's ROCK ! VIVA Double fine !
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