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  1. dont know how i forgot to post this, this was my submission to a Brutal Legend fan art competition on deviant art where i had to invent a new villain. either way i called him Whahab!!!!
  2. I would like something with the same kind of greatness as a Roger Corman film
  3. for some reason the prologue for hitchhiker guide went through my head when i read this^_^
  4. just finished the golden temple in donkey kong country returns, playing sonic colors(and n-game here)
  5. cheshire

    raz fan art

    lately ive been trying some new art techniques/subjects and someone on facebook suggested i should do some fan art, what better way to start is with Raz^^ da link btw this also the first time i painted a actual image with watercolor and gouache(its a really odd delicate, unpredictable medium)
  6. just joined the forums, im a big fan of all of Tim Schafers games, so much in fact i went through the trouble of finding real copies of all of his stuff (found a boxed day of the tentacle behind a book shelf at my local thrift shop (srsly)), and getting them patched and emulated into actually working!! soon ill be posting some stuff in the fan art section.
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