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  1. Title Update/Patch notes.

    Well, touch wood we will get a fix to the issue prior to Halloween 2011.....
  2. Title Update/Patch notes.

    It does appear to have happened only if you have a savegame prior to the fries costume, then move onto that section after the update. For those saying 2 hours, I can attest to the fact that I have invested a lot more time than 2 hours. I am a bit of a completist, and want to ensure I grab all cards, complete all quests, etc so that I can acquire all the achievements. I am sure you can get back there by buzzing through the story, but that is not the way I play, especially a game of this nature. I am happy to wait to hear further news on a fix (or otherwise). What I won't be doing is purchasing the DLC until such times as I know this is resolved (apart from anything, I don't know whether the DLC will affect any future fix).
  3. Please Help: lure doesn't work

    The update was on the game itself. Mine arrived yesterday (Tuesday 7th)
  4. Please Help: lure doesn't work

    Yes. holding down B, walk round the characters with the chicken icons, and they never follow.
  5. Please Help: lure doesn't work

    I have rebooted a few times. I have gone back to dashboard, restarted the xbox entirely. I have also tried a few things, wandering around the town, picking up all the candy I can find, speaking to the guy at the fries stand a few times, spoken to all the characters, saved at the entrance to the funfair. Can I ask JelDeRebel and gmanvg whether this has happened since the recent update ?
  6. Please Help: lure doesn't work

    Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. I just got the Fries costume, I can walk up to any of the 3 people with the chicken leg icon, or over to the 2 birds, press B, the food "fumes" start up and the costume glows, but the icons do not change and the people do not follow me. When I booted today, it forced an update on me, so I am wondering if there is a problem with the update on saves made prior to the update. Please help, I don't want to have to start again.