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  1. Sorry I read this And interpreted it as implying that you might like another recommendation that has those qualifications. I won't do it again.
  2. If you like reading fantasy that doesn't fall into all the typical cliches I think it's at least worthwhile to read enough of something by Glen Cook to form your own opinion. A lot of people associate his humor with being a Vietnam vet, he sort of started the cynical dark-humored soldier archetype in fantasy that guys like Erikson and Mark Lawrence have made popular lately. Not sure you're doing yourself any favors by being turned off of something by a word that can be applied to so many things but I don't have very discerning taste.
  3. ^ IIRC Good Omens was the first thing I read by Gaiman, after being a Pratchett fan since I started reading his kids books when I was in elementary school. I sort of powered through American Gods, not the easiest read but worthwhile. I think Sandman is the place to start with Gaiman though, especially if you're willing to pay $300 for the two Ombibuses (which will last forever if you take care of them). Garret Files are quite good as well. Pretty funny, episodic, and very light. I really like everything I've read by Glen Cook.
  4. Thanks for that explanation epic, I missed the initial bit which gives it more context. Makes a lot more sense.
  5. Would you say that things were getting progressively worse, and if yes then how what made it worse? If it were random the chance of both the EGR and Jel's camels backs breaking after 9 and 7 years respectively within a month of each other is quite low. Was there a change of attitudes? An escalation in anti-social behavior? Was everyone here likewise fed up with it?
  6. I'm not questioning whether anything they did was right or wrong- I'm wondering why they're so much more hands on now than they have been in the history of the forum and whether anything particular caused this. I think that's a question worth getting other people's opinions on. Since someone who's not a mod is already condoning the thread getting locked/deleted should I assume that I'm just not going to get an answer?
  7. I was just scrolling through some of the threads from earlier this month and saw Jel get banned and read through EGR being shut down. Can I ask for a succinct summary of what caused the moderation to become so much more heavy handed? Also is the fact that I have to login in order to lurk related to this?
  8. Goodnight sweet prince. Can't believe no-one said it first.
  9. :lol: More importantly some rando who doesn't post on the site shouldn't win our bracket group. But with the game yesterday it's inevitable. You did a good job picking for making random picks.
  10. I went from the 15th to 75th percentile with Oklahoma and Nova winning today. I like my chances with UVA and Syracuse as well.
  11. I had Michigan State going to the elite 8 so I'm better off than a lot of you. I just made the wrong pick on Temple/Iowa (good game though) and Hawaii/Cal but I had them both losing in the next round anyways. It's not every year that a 2 loses to a 15, good for those guys.
  12. Abe looks kind of ripped in that. Can't wait to see the mouth.
  13. I actually think he'll be quite good. I don't read the writings of a white guy from Maine when I want to read about nuanced racial tension. In fact I don't read Stephen King for the character interactions whatsoever. I agree he's obviously not how I pictured Roland, but I can imagine him pulling off the character quite well. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
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