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  1. CQ is a fairly simplistic game. It's not like this bug appears only after a very complicated series of events that are optional. It happens through completing a mandatory part of the game.
  2. If you're at a certain point, it HAS made the game unplayable. I wouldn't call that a small bug. DF wrote the code and "completed" the QA. Why aren't they responsible?
  3. I'm not attempting to break copyright. I bought the game fair and square.
  4. Wrong. In the real world, when someone purchases a defective product, they're allowed to return it. Say you bought a coffee maker from Target. You brought it home, it turns on, but it won't make coffee. What you do? Would you say to yourself, "hey mistakes happen" and go buy another one? Nope, you'd take it back and get a different brand.
  5. The big deal is that my time is valuable and with the amount of games that are NOT broken, it is just not worth it to replay a game to get past a point that the DEVELOPER broke. Obviously, there wasn't enough QA before this patch was sent out the door. There's no reason why I should be held accountable for that. I did my part for the developer by actually buying the game. These days, word of mouth is a crucial thing. Is figuring out a way to get me my 800 points back worth the amount of negativity that I could possibly spread just by casually talking about the poor QA on Double Fine games? How about the fact that if this isn't made good, a previously loyal customer has now been permanently lost? It seems like a fairly simple equation to me. Good customer service can reap enormous good will. Bad customer service has a habit of festering and growing.
  6. It as affected me and I don't think it is fair to have to play through the whole game all over again, just because YOUR patch broke the game. Notice I said BROKE? Just give me my 800 points back and I'll move along.
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