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  1. I gotta side with spencer here....I bought this game for my six year old daughter to play as I thought she'd like it and it'd help her reading. Yeah this is a simple little game that an adult with nothing else to do can get through in an hour or so, but for my little girl it represents a big investment of time and effort (what with school and all). Now I'm supposed to tell her she's got to start all over again (or start it over myself, play the whole thing through up to that point and hope I get the same stamps and stuff she got so she doesn't notice like on those sitcoms where the kid's canary dies and the parent goes out and tries to buy a matching one)? Pretty lame work-around guys, if this is it. I can see the fix is in on getting a refund, but I probably won't pick up one of your games again, nor will I recommend them.
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