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  1. I downloaded the DLC this morning and started the game. I hit continue and was still right at the end where you fight Big Bones. I wondered around a bit to try and figure out how to get to the DLC. I couldn't figure it out. I even went and defeated Big Bones again thinking maybe it would begin afterwards (the credits had the grubbins on ice logo shown when they started and I double checked to make sure I had indeed downloaded it. I turned off the xbox and googled my problem, eventually I found someone who was also a bit confused about how to access the content. All the replies just said to start a new games and you'll have the option to start the DLC. I was afraid to do this because it kept warning me that my save would be deleted. Well I hit start new game and it did not give me an option and my save was deleted. Awesome. I went and redownloaded the DLC but this time the main menu changed and had the logos for both costume quest and grubbins on ice and gave me the option to start the DLC, but now my old save is gone. Does the old save carry over into the DLC? I notice I am on lvl 10 but I am missing the Unicorn and Pumpkin costumes, as well as all of my stamps etc. Do I have to replay the main game again and then start a new game with the DLC to have them?
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