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  1. that's how it was for me until this last udpate, for some reason cant keep high morale like before
  2. i will have an outer ring for turrets for protecting the base from raiders and enemies docking. For the raiders drilling rooms, need to think the inner design
  3. id like something like this to be added. Sometimes is hard to notice something is going on in the base when im focused in taking down derelics, just to find debris breached the bar or a worm is murdering people.
  4. not so shabby, interesting idea. This could work hand by hand with my spaceship dock suggetion as some people could introduce some not so legal drugs to the base
  5. is a good idea, although shielding dont need to have a visual effect
  6. is what i was thinking and having that makes sense, would be nice to have as a research.Also forgot to add this in my last post, would be nice to have shields (another item obtained by research maybe?)to protect areas of the base from meteor showers
  7. yes i get that, but we talk of a dispenser OUTSIDE the base here, not the usual in base dispenser
  8. Like an O2 ATM? An external wall item that lets people fill up their O2 supply... Sounds good! You could also include a nutrient paste dispenser so Miners don't have to return to base to get something to eat. as much as i entertain the idea, how are they supposed to eat when they cant take off the helmet IN space? having a sort of station to replenish oxygen is good and love the idea but makes no sense for them to eat when they would die trying to eat a burrito ;P
  9. Double sized doors, even if the function is decorative, i feel will enhance the look of the bases. Also: Drones; would like to see a research for combat droids and maintenance drones, so when a meteor destroy a wall or a floor tile a drone can be sent to fix it. Engineers can keep them in shape and they can help to fight some nasty killbots and other tasks. Pinball & Arcade machiness; suggested this for the pub a time ago, would like to see this added to boost morale. Plants should provide oxigen; is good to see the garden now provides some oxigen but common plants for decoration should do it too, it's only natural and logical for this to happen. Cooling systems; as we will have reactors, we should have cooling systems to prevent fires in the reactor room. New Rooms: Workshop; can be created to store the drones and engineers can give maintenance to the drones and machines there. Ship dock/bay; it's a spacebase so why not have ships dock from time to time for repairs or to provide and/or buy from us? they could bring new data cubes, staff and threats not available otherwise. Ion Shower/looker room; nothing like a good bath and a clean uniform to boost morale and make you feel better.
  10. Yes please! This is needed, dont understand why we need to build a wall first, makes no sense.
  11. with that said i wonder why no new blog entry lately? i hope they don't go the radio silence route like Godus >-
  12. lately i have been sending builders, demolish a tile/wall, build a room next and is easy to claim, remove another wall next room is exposed and claimed, etc. Then i just demolish the entire derelict
  13. ah yes, cameos and crossovers could be fun, haha just imagine some characters arriving in pods
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